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Universal Love October 25, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in Personal Freedom, Spiritual Energy, Universal Love.

Universal Love

These two things—let it be known:

  • Love asks nothing and receives everything.
  • Pain and suffering are the result of misguided  intentions that block love.

Your ego strategies and neediness block the very love you so desire. Universal love is the source of everything. Universal love is the power that sustains all life.

Love in its purest form shines away all doubt.
It strengthens your resolve and confirms your intentions.

It spreads far and wide.
It limits nothing and controls no one.
It builds hope and faith.
Love fortifies your strength and increases your intensity.
It moves mountains.

In its purest form, love flourishes in spite of uncertainty.
It provides comfort and dissolves all fear.

Love is the very reason you exist.

Love eliminates no one but shines on everyone.
Love paves the way for a smooth journey. 
It creates opportunities that lead to fruition.
It is both practical and masterful.

Love abandons no one.
It does not shrink or cower in the face of obstacles.
It cuts through the clouds of confusion and clears all interference.

We need to envelope the world in love. Love radiates peace and joy.
Love multiplies and amplifies all your efforts.

Give up your worries and concerns that limit your power and energy.
Love is patient and enduring.

Be joyful and what you need will follow. Not the other way around. The world believes you will be happy when you get what you need but this is not true.

Your needs and desires will be met.

Trust in that.

-The Twelve Wise Ones



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