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Challenge the Status Quo October 26, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in Planetary Evolution, Spiritual Awakening.

Dear Light Workers,

It is time to challenge the status quo.  Believe not in false gods, worldly treasures or beliefs (imposed on you) which have no resemblance to the Truth.  When you can lift your sight above the clamor, it allows you to see the world from a higher perspective–one of joy and love for your fellow beings.  You will see in them, yourself. 

Travesties will be righted and Truth will prevail.  Clashes between the classes are increasing, resulting in mounting pressure–the pressure is on for so many. Plowing through the heaviness, you will help the survivors see the Truth.  Predictions coming from monetary uncertainty—predicting devastation–will be modified by your participation.  As we replace fear with trust and compassion, we shift the world consciousness.

Maintain perseverance and remember–what you give to others—you give to yourself.  Blame no one, but instead, bless them—your fellow brothers and sisters. Poignant moments of seeing the truth in each other lead to understanding.

Repeat after me:

 “I vow to set a new standard of respect and honor for my fellow human beings, judging not their position nor their path in the world. I value their contribution to the evolution of our planetary consciousness–knowing full well the power of each individual’s contribution.  Believing in the spirit that guides each of us, I lend my hand to my fellow beings.” 

Blessed are those who do God’s work. Powerful forces are uniting here; creating a new evolutionary path that is being lighted by the sparkling intentions of so many dedicated to this transformation.  Imagine a new chapter of civilization, where people are kind, wishing the best for one another; finding ways of helping instead of tearing down. Imagine a glimmering new world of cooperation instead of competition.

-The Twelve Wise Ones


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