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Freedom of the Spirit October 30, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in Personal Freedom, Personal Restoration Plan.

Peace cannot be found in holding others responsible for yourself and your feelings. Cut through the confusion with the sword of discernment. You can assist others in your life when you disconnect the links and connections holding people in the maze of confusion. You help others when you can release your expectations, fears and worries about them.

Understanding of the interconnectedness is at the forefront of these processes for a spiritual evolution. The initial steps for understanding the hidden agendas and unconscious connections are necessary. Comprehension and appreciation of our freedoms start with experiencing our oneness—it is so easy to judge anything different from yourself.

Your capacity to see in others the same essence and spiritual energy, as yourself, precedes your ability to relate and communicate with others, be it in work, families or around the globe.  There can be no freedom or peace whenever there is oppression of any kind.  Compassionate efforts meant to elevate living standards are sometimes inadvertently causing a difference between the “us and them”, the “haves and have-nots”.   It is time to stop drawing lines in the sand, and instead, seek reconciliation of ideas.

We cannot be free when we are controlling the rights of others anywhere.  Today, people are caught in a  network of rules. Most of the society’s rules lack meaning, invade privacy, and are strangling others into submission; as though doling out bits of freedom in small chunks to awaiting children. 

Peace is a function of people cooperating on a level of respect and honor for one another.  This cannot be achieved when victory or triumph over others is the goal. 

The average person goes through life never questioning his/her path, rarely noticing any patterns and usually not acknowledging opportunities for growth—even when they’re miserable. Yet it is with acknowledging pain that there is an opening to a better life.  Denial and resistance causes people to contribute low energy to the consciousness of the planet .  You elevate the consciousness  when you are  reflecting the energy of understanding yourself, your notions and your projections.  As you do that you can give up holding yourself and others to unconscious ideas and beliefs that are not true anyway.

Your ego is a small fearful part of you that is a great actor.  Sometimes it is the powerful star of the team and other times it is the self righteous victim bearing great sorrow.  Neither is true and both roles are stemming from a story you told yourself . You are neither the victim nor the enemy. Letting go of the grip of the ego and taking the path within is the portal to freedom.  Peace begins with you. It is a “Personal Restoration Plan” of you to your true self, your inner spiritual greatness intended by the Creator.  Patience, perseverance and passion will help you in this endeavor.

-The Twelve Wise Ones



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