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A New Glimmering Future November 5, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in Spiritual evolution, Spiritual infusion.

Dear Lightworkers,

If you feel you have to make your own way; you are in your ego.

If you feel you are doing this alone; you are in your ego.

You are carrying a very highly specialized DNA that provides expansion; ultimately, preventing the planet from extinction.  Living within you are the seeds of energy for a new level of consciousness; a rapidly expanding understanding that is elevating awareness.

A new energy from this DNA is dedicated to the sponsorship and procurement of a new society.  The passionate endeavors by many are bringing forth a new civilization providing ascension.  Join us in the procurement of a new, glimmering future.  Purposeful moments allow you the opportunity to spread this new way of reality to others who are blind and confused, allowing the new energy to flow into the endeavor.

Passages in time are/were necessary to prepare you for this moment in time, in the history of this planet; allowing new information to be disseminated in this massive endeavor.  Purposeful actions, stemming from those dedicated to this process, will amass the critical proportions of energy to shift the current energy field.

You think too small. You are being directed, even as we speak, to alter the consciousness of this planet.  Practice meditation and mastery of your gifts to assist in this plan. 

The procurement of a new, glimmering future is the goal.  Assistance from the universal Source is arriving daily!!  Breathe it in.  Drink it in.  Draw it in.  Emanate the new energy.

-The Twelve Wise Ones



1. Alexis Kaplan - November 6, 2009

Thanks Danna for your courage in coming forth with this information which dispels fear and opens vistas greater even than our hopes.


2. Colleen - November 5, 2009

I found the messages of the Wise Ones to be inspirational and filled with hope for myself and our world. Thank you Danna for bringing the messages and, more importantly, the energies of the Wise Ones into our world.


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