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Enlightened Leadership November 11, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in 1, Personal Restoration Plan, Relationships, Spiritual shift.

Until each leader can face his/her own inner doubts and fear of reprisal, all attempts at leadership will fail in the face of conflict. Emotional instability and immaturity show up in the workplace, families and relationships.  Unresolved issues, pains and insecurities, even though masked with attempts at artificial roles of superiority, eventually collapse when the pressure mounts.

The masks will fail to protect and the fears will overtake all circumstances.  In an attempt to protect the self, the ego will resort to the strategies they believe carried them through stories in the past.  These false roles will only result in further dramas, leading to larger catastrophes affecting the security and safety of many people.  The emotional drama feeds on the hidden fears and frailties of the individuals.

Kindness is in short supply—based on fear.   Illumination only comes from within—facing your fears and insecurities.  Life presents opportunities and choices that lead to authentic power.  Believe not in outside appearances but look within.  The child, the neuroses, and the psyche are all competing for attention.  Where you focus your attention builds strength of that which competes within you.  Trust in your own inner guidance—even when you feel little support from the masses.

Vow to be witness to Truth.  Be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing and children dressed as powerful adults.  Give up false pretensions and allow the Truth to emerge in spite of the power plays.  Evolving levels of justice will be done.  Trust in that.  Rely on nothing else. 

-The Twelve Wise Ones



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