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Powerful Journey Out of Darkness November 21, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in Global Oneness, Spiritual Awakening.
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Dear Lightworkers,

We are in a powerful journey out of darkness.  Your passage is not only deserved, it was chosen before you got here.  You will perform the steps you said you would do.  Your journey is about to take you on a path of epic proportions.  The power behind this process is accelerating and you are being prepared.

Joy will replace the pain as the swelling waves arrive with a complete departure from the waves of the past.  Destruction of old structures is necessary while alignment with the new energy occurs.   Choice is available for those willing to awaken.  Past experiences have provided ample opportunities for expression of a new way.  Pride goes before the fall.

The erosion of human values and the growing lack of respect and compassion for fellow humans have led to the massive shift.  Within the collective consciousness are two themes; dark and light.  Within ourselves are two themes.  As we change ourselves, we affect the collective consciousness.  We are interconnected and it is a false belief that we are separate.   Light has been in the minority—the collective egos have been running the world.  False power rules the worlds with the intention to weaken others to feel small and helpless.  As you change, you change the whole. 

Projects that were stalled will now be released.  With angelic grace,  move forward with a tidal wave of energy.  Go forth with determination, proudly expanding the hopes and desires for many people.   Broad measures are being taken on behalf of you who are here to do God’s work.

-The Twelve Wise Ones



1. Karen Thomas - January 15, 2010

Thank you………..

You can feel the heart energy of many at the moment… the synchronicity, intuitiveness and telepathic thought process is increasing…. so being true to your heart is even more key than ever especially as others will feel it when you are not….this in turn will bounce back on you immediately as if looking in a mirror…Blessings



2. Pat McNamara - November 21, 2009

Thanks for sharing this GOOD NEWS! SOOOoooo WISE! Especially loved the last paragraph! 🙂


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