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The Future December 1, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in Global Oneness, Spiritual Awakening.
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Dear Lightworkers,

Believe not in what has transpired but, instead, in what is about to come into being. Follow your dreams without hesitancy and place value only on the vision of the future. Countless endeavors by many to reach new levels of understanding are necessary to make the transformation. Prepare the way for a new future everywhere you go.

The economy has led to local disarray and confusion. Chaos and violence are the result of disintegrating values. Pressure mounts and disruptions occur. Mayhem precedes the procurement of the new world.

The purest form of love comes from knowing we are all one and this can only be achieved with momentous waves of compassion. Powerful steps are needed to help bring about a new way of relating to others with compassion. Polite gestures are not enough. Choosing peace and love for one another is the path to a new world. You have an exalted message and you are deeply supported.  Allow the infusion of light energy to come through you and emanate to others. It is time to wake up and awaken everyone around you.

-The Twelve Wise Ones



1. Kathy - December 21, 2009

Yes. This is absolutely true! Great to know there are likeminded people out there!


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