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Look Into Your Own Heart May 26, 2010

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Dear Lightworkers,

The power to lead others is possessed by those willing to look into their own hearts. Most people project their fears and pain onto others rather than owning their feelings and beliefs. Only when you are willing to look at your own fears and weaknesses, are you able to release the guilt and self recrimination that rule your life. Without acknowledgment your hidden beliefs control your world. Emotions are messengers from your soul and when not masked by the ego can lead to freedom. Problems are uprooted and exposed so that you are stronger and can deal with anything

When faced squarely, without denial and shame, you can discover the powerful process leading to self forgivenss.  All the fictitous stories you hold about yourself, are just that–made up stories.  Any mistakes you have made in your life have led to who you are and without them, you would not have the abilities and understandings to be where you are now. Self forgivness is the release of the pain that is blocking your inner peace. As you accept and forgive yourself you no longer have to expel pain by blaming, manipulating or controlling others.

Be that which you are. As you heal your own soul you contribute to the shift in consciousness. As you alleviate your own suffering, you alleviate suffering in the world.

We delight in your awakening.  A pageantry of angels awaits your arrival.

Unleash your joy. Your joy is our joy. Your bliss is our bliss.  Be at peace.

-The Twelve Wise Ones



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