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Posted by Danna Beal in Personal Freedom, Relationships, Universal Love.

If you want to truly make a difference in your workplace or anywhere else, you can only do it when you are strongly rooted in authentic power stemming from the power of universal love. Again, I am not talking about the sentiment of love. I am talking about the power and source of all that is, the source of all creation. It is love. Only our judgment of ourselves and others obscures the love from shining on and through us. Love awaits us—it is in a state of suspension for each one of us who has not yet fully realized and accepted its grace and splendor. But it is our choice to do this or not to do it.

Choice is the function and the main component of free will. Unconscious choices directed by the ego rather than by the wisdom of the inner self are the source of our chaotic lives. Choice without spiritual intent can lead to pain, despair, and destruction. However, choosing differently is always an option within the time you are here. But as fair warning, the longer we wait, the more severe the consequences tend to be. We unsuspectingly bring ourselves to points in our journey where we feel pain that is often the precursor to awakening.

In the world of the ego, reliance is found with other people and things. Reliance is the act of counting on something or someone outside the self for some perceived needed support, validation, or assistance. But relying on things outside yourself will never provide security. The only reliance that will ever give you any kind of certainty is that of your inner guidance and connection with the source. Reliance on love is the straightest and purest path you can walk. Choose no other.

Choosing love over the ego requires having the experience, even if only briefly, of relying on love. Communion with spirit will allow love to expand in your heart and will lead to genuine freedom, peace, and joy. Therein lies your safety and security, because this source is constant and unchanging. It can never be reduced or taken away, except by your own choice. Who would rely on anything less than the promise of universal love? Know these two things: 1) Love asks nothing and receives everything, and 2) Pain and suffering are the result of misguided intentions that block love.

Inspirational video of Universal Love at http://www.youtube.com/user/dannasbeal#p/a/u/0/f3vb1rseCSk

If love is the sunshine, judgment is the cloud that obscures it.



1. Danna - August 16, 2010

Thank you–kindred spirits.


2. souldipper - August 16, 2010

Thank you, Danna. To use the language of youth, “I am SO with you!”

I am so with the concept of Universal love and thoroughly appreciate the professional, quality video.


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