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A Marked Time of Joy October 15, 2012

Posted by Danna Beal in Spiritual Awakening.
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Open up to your full power. You don’t have to find it or look for it. It is already in you—already there.  Just open up and allow your true self to emerge in the present moment.  Your image of who you are belies your true self. It limits the magnificent force, clamoring to be released, residing within you–awaiting you.

Relax and enjoy this process of reawakening to who you are, beloveds. We support and serve you in this endeavor to be fully awake. Pledge allegiance and commit to all that you came here to do in this passage of time. Allow us to adjoin with you. Accept the treasures that await you as you plow through the muck of human confusion and dissension. Children of despair will greet you with joy and relief as you clarify a path to freedom and peace; leading to a safe ground. When you are distraught, you are incapable of connecting to your inner power. So simply let go of self-punishment and worries.

Like immense shafts of light cutting through the clouds, an infusion of energy is being sent in impulses that are two and a half times more powerful than ever before. Outside your own understanding, another dimension is assisting the shift of consciousness on the planet. Those that know it is happening will feel it; those that don’t, won’t even know that it happened.

This is a marked time of joy—as we anoint you to do your guided work. Understand, dear ones, pleasure and joy are yours for the asking—flowing freely when you allow the process to go unhindered.

Graduate to a new level of listening and connecting by simply letting go. This is a period of resting and recharging—coming back to your true self.  A plan of action will follow effortlessly.  A broad based plan is being activated. A barrage of new information will be forthcoming. Your willingness to participate is truly appreciated. Prepare for a journey of epic proportions.

Align with your fellow sojourners in a plan so magnificent it will create a new world—an elevated future for humanity—with a new way of relating to one another with compassion and respect. As you awaken you awaken others; the venomous environment gradually will be diluted. A new process will emerge, bringing life, love and joy for people everywhere.  Long awaited progress will be made now, with significant advances in the immense plan for awakening.

-The Twelve Wise Ones



1. gary - October 15, 2012

This is so true,just allow yourself to be open to it.


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