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Breaking News November 5, 2016

Posted by Danna Beal in 1.


The breaking news is that we have reached the breaking point. We are actually seeing the insanity of the ego world being played out in our American election campaign. These are perilous times, on all fronts, requiring strength and commitment to challenge and expose the depravity. The common thread in humanity is our love for our children and we must consider what kind of world we want to leave to them. It is time to wake up!

When we blindly fall into the depth of the drama, sensationalism, and complete madness occurring in our world, we are unable to bring any resolution or hope. Now is the time to see our common humanity and pull back from the insanity. The current situation has pitted friends against one another, communities against one another, and even family members who will no longer sit in the same room during the news, due to their competing values and fears.

As Americans, we are so often ready to help one another when there is a crisis. Yet we fail to see this crisis as a time to come together and heal, but instead, jump on the bandwagon of this madness.  Have we gone stark raving mad?

I am going to suggest that we invite the power of Love to enter this arena through each one of us. The American election campaign is a wildfire out of control, fueled by panic and fear, shifting with the ever-changing wind of politics, personal agendas, power, money, and media sensationalism. Burning wildly out of control it is engulfing everyone in its path and horrifying people around the world.

Together we can penetrate and cool down the wildfire of anger, blind resentment and rage with Love for our fellow citizens and common values for our children’s future. BELIEVE it is so – that through you and others asking Love to spread through the wildfire of human dissension, we have the power to restore peace to this horrific hotbed of hostility. Allow Love to descend upon the raging field and douse the unrelenting, ever-expanding wildfire.

Love can only answer when called upon through you, and as you give up your anger and projections you help others to do the same. As you put down your “guns, you make it safe for others to put down theirs. For the Love of your children and your fellow citizens who are truly your brothers and sisters, soften your heart so that you can begin to give up the harsh judgments you hold about one another, your fellow human beings.

Please believe the power of Love is so great it can cut through all the pain and suffering and bring calm after the storm, providing relief and rest needed from fighting so hard, by so many. People are exhausted from expending so much energy in an ever-escalating battle for power and validation, depleting their very souls. The only force with the power to put out the flames is Love.




1. Kathleen Lamanna - November 7, 2016

Very succinctly said, Dana. As I read your insights, I was reminded of what the wise Chief Seattle said many moons ago, “Man does not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself”.

And here we are today presented with an opportunity to LOVE from the core of our being, putting aside the shallow intensely emotional kind that waxes and wanes with varying conditions. It not the intellectual kind, proceeding from the mind, hamstrung in judgements and hatred. Genuine LOVE (Agape) emanates from the heart, is accepting and unconditional, free of discrimination and intolerance, is inclusive rather than exclusive, lifting others by its core luminosity.

This is the way of being that these times are calling out in us and in the days/years ahead may we all source our strength from LOVE not fear.

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Danna Beal - November 7, 2016

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful communication!


2. John Smallman - November 5, 2016

I totally agree with this blog post, and I would add the following:

The world appears to be disintegrating into chaos with violent conflicts in many areas. That is the picture the Mainstream Media is PAID to present to us. Wars and conflicts make FORTUNES for the 1% who not only own the Media but also believe that they are secure in their gated communities.

The rest have been sending their sons and daughters to die in these conflicts! Finally we the people are waking up to the INSANITY of conflict, insanity whose flames the the US Media are fanning with their reporting on the upcoming US Presidential election as they attempt to set citizen against citizen. Instead they should be attempting to bring us together to elect a President who will unite us instead of working to divide us and make the 1% even wealthier.

We NEED to come together. We have far more in common with one another than we think, and focusing on what divides us into “US and THEM” only further fans those divisive flames.

Physics has PROVED that EVERYTHING is connected, that there is no such thing as separation. There is but One vast energy field of consciousness in which everyone and everything lives, exists. There is nowhere else. To attack another is to attack oneself, and that is the greatest insanity.

What many think is “How can insignificant little me make a difference?” Well, we each have our own individual energy fields joined to that One field of consciousness and we can either focus on fear which is divisive and destructive, or we can focus on love, which is our true nature (we ALL want to be loved, right?) and move humanity towards harmony and cooperation.

It truly does NOT matter for whom you vote on Tuesday, what matters is your intent. Do you want to destroy the “opposition” by engaging in an ever ongoing self-destructive conflict? Or do you want peace and harmony to prevail, and for our government to work diligently at solving all our issues, which it could most certainly do if it was not forever engaging in bipartisan disagreement and conflict.

Vote for whom you believe is honestly keen to unite everyone in our country, and intend to send love to ALL parties, to ALL Americans. To make and hold that intent is amazingly powerful, it is NOT just useless wishful thinking in the mind of an insignificant and unseen individual. Doing JUST that WILL have an uplifting and inspiring effect whose results will become apparent. LOVE is the ONLY answer that can resolve our issues and disagreements. We all KNOW that, so let’s do it, and BE Love!

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Danna Beal - November 6, 2016

Thank you for your beautiful comment.


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