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It Takes Some Time November 11, 2016

Posted by Danna Beal in Uncategorized.


For those of us who were shocked, disappointed, and even heart-broken in the election, I am reminded of the Five Stages of Grief, introduced by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. For many of us, we need some time and we may recycle through these emotions numerous times. Grieving is a very individual process, and like any loss, we need to allow ourselves the time we need. It is only because we care so much.

Don’t give up your principles, your commitments, or your rights to freedom of expression. Do take a stand for your beliefs and continue undaunted, making this a better world for our children and theirs. But give yourself some time.




1. Fran Fisher - November 11, 2016

And keep trusting in the higher benevolent power at work beyond our view.


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