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The Rise of the Ego November 18, 2016

Posted by Danna Beal in Spiritual Awakening.
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The rise of the ego has been steadily increasing throughout the world for centuries, but most rapidly in the recent decades. The election has presented a perfect example of the ego in full blown embodiment for all the world to see. This exposure of the ego battles occurring in the world and demonstrated on the election stage is actually part of a plan for awakening. Witnessing the rise and fall of egos is revealing the deceptively powerful position the ego has been occupying in our individual lives and the collective world consciousness since the beginning. This election was necessary for the completion of this part of the plan for awakening. It had to occur for all the world to see. Without reaching this pinnacle of success for the ego, the plan could not unfold. This election has rocked the world which is creating the fracture leading to the breakdown that precedes the shift in consciousness. This election has provided for all the world to witness, the antics and strategies of the ego: self-aggrandizement, self-righteousness, projection and blame, artificial splendor, and the insatiable need for money and fame.

Idolatry has become the pastime and theme of so many people on the planet at this time. People falsely believe they can gain power by idolizing money, power and following the steps of others who have gained fame and fortune–fortunes often motivated by greed and the need for attention, validation, and power over others. Worshiping “gold”, or more accurately, money and power, is a poor substitute for the incredible, eternal, internal, power of Universal Love.  Artificial power will never stand the test and all that glitters is not gold.

Truth can only emerge as the artificial constructs are shattered, allowing the light to shine through. The only true source is the strength and internal authentic power which comes from Love–not from external worship or seeking of what the ego believes represents power. Choose to see the truth beyond this artificially created world, and watch the cataclysmic events for what they are–steps for creating and allowing the crack in the artificial structures– to be the opening for light and love in the world. These Glad Tidings should help alleviate the pain to those who have been faithful to the dream of a better world for all people.



1. M. - November 20, 2016

This is spot-on, Danna. I stood back during the campaigns (more specifically the last 3-4 months of them) and found myself consistently in a state of bewilderment.
There are those who follow blindly through the spell of those cultural engineers and mind-control mechanisms. There are those who fully understand the political system is a Hollywood play. There are those who vote strictly to vote “against” the other’s opponent.

Of course, there are more highly profound reasons for my 24/7 bewildered mind but, those three seemed to be the most consistent.

I would ask, “If you don’t support either candidate, what is your plan on November 8th?”

Shockingly, 90% of the time, I’d receive this answer – paraphrasing, of course:
“Well, I think “Blankety blank with their nose, eyes, and past history is worse than Blank Blankety and their stuff and things so – I will probably vote for that one.”

Blank expression – no emotion – slowly becoming fearful of the person standing in front of me that I begin to fear for the safety of my optimistic nature in mankind because I seem to be in the presence of the dawning of the zombie apocalypse.

Great stuff and thank you for writing it. Keep up the good work.

-Matthew (MFrederick)

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2. John Smallman - November 19, 2016

This is totally pertinent in today’s world where so many are blinded by ambition and fear, and then driven by those emotions to destroy others, those who would compete with them — their enemies — in order to feel safe. But of course each enemy that is destroyed is replaced by another, or many others. Destroying others is self-defeating because in the end it destroys the self.
However, in today’s world this mode of living has become so endemic that people are waking up to the insanity of it and of the old order that built it, and in that awakening, and due to the light that shines on it and exposes it it can only disintegrate.


Danna Beal - November 19, 2016

Thank you, John. Your comments are always so beautiful.


3. Julie - November 19, 2016

I dream of a better world for all people. Very well spoken Danna!


Danna Beal - November 19, 2016

Thank you, Julie, for your solidarity in this mission to help the world to shift to a compassionate loving place.


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