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Valentine’s Day Gift–Video on Love February 13, 2018

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I was blessed to be born on Valentine’s Day—the day the world celebrates Love! Join Ronna Prince, writer and producer of the documentary, Sacred Journey of the Heart, and me, as we discuss Love, Heartmath, personal transformation, and happiness. We talk about:

–BE LOVE Model for Extraordinary Leadership

–Heartmath–the power of the heart and Universal Love

–Replacing fear with love and compassion in the workplace

–Practicing forgiveness and acceptance

–Giving up blaming and being a victim

–Personal Restoration Plan—Path to authentic power



1. leonardszymczak - February 14, 2018

Happy birthday Valentine’s Day. You make the world a better place❤️

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Danna Beal - February 14, 2018

Thanks, Leonard.

Miracles, Love, and Laughter,

Danna Beal, M.Ed.

International Speaker, Author, and Coach

The Extraordinary Workplace:

Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion



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