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Is There Life After Death? Tuning Into Your Dearly Departed Loved Ones March 24, 2022

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Is There Life After Death?

Tune into Your Dearly Departed Loved Ones

It was early in the morning when I left my parents’ home in Spokane on Jan 2, 2006.  I had to return home to Seattle and resume work after a warm Christmas vacation with my family. I didn’t wake up my parents to say goodbye since it was so early, and I wanted to get to the Cascade Mountain pass around noon, when it was less likely to be icy. I had said goodbye the night before and explained that I was leaving early the next day. But I didn’t know then what was about to happen.

Ten days later I started getting calls from my mom and sisters that our dad had had a massive heart attack and was being ambulanced to the hospital. Many of you know that my dad survived many things, including being POW for nine months after being shot down as B-17 pilot in WWII. But he didn’t survive the ambulance ride. He died in the ambulance on January 12, 2006. He had never spent a night in a hospital, and he evidently wasn’t going to be doing it now.

After returning to Spokane, spending time in the cocoon of family love, and having a wonderful celebration of life, I went back to work in Seattle. I could still hardly believe it all happened so quickly. I felt sad that I hadn’t known on the first of January that it would be the last time I ever saw my dad alive.

And then it happened. I was in a twilight-like state of sleep when my dad appeared to me in a very vivid dream. Looking vibrant and smiling brightly, much younger than he was at the time of his death, he told me he was on new adventures and was happy. Then he looked me in the eye and said very clearly, “Don’t worry about not hugging me good-bye that morning. You’ve been hugging me all your life!” I felt my heart melt as he gave me the most loving and warm embrace. My heart felt like it would burst with joy! And then suddenly it was over, and I was alone. Until that moment, I hadn’t even realized that it had bothered me so much. But here he was, telling me I had been hugging him all my life. He now gave me a final hug!

My experience of my dad’s message was only one of many that have both astonished me and guided my words for most of my life.  Although I am a business consultant, author, and coach, what I write in my books and articles is inspired from a deep connection to consciousness, a Presence that is beyond my ordinary thoughts. I teach the BE LOVE leadership Model, but I don’t usually discuss the spiritual aspect of my work and the source of my words. When asked how I have come to know these teachings, I describe it as coming from a state of inspiration. 

I am choosing to share more now and offer suggestions on how others can find more spiritual connections if they so desire. My individual coaching is dedicated to awakening to the intuitiveness that we all possess. I am also creating more avenues for spiritual communication through Project Illumination, a plan designed to spread light and love to people in families, communities, the workplace, and the world. I also have a Facebook group where you are invited to share spiritual and uplifting illuminations. My individual coaching is dedicated to awakening to the intuitiveness that we all possess. As we, one by one, awaken to our deep spiritual connections we automatically spread uplifting energy with those with whom we interact.

Message From My Mom

My mother died in November of 2012 which put her at the exact same age as my dad when he died 6 years previously. Again, we had a beautiful celebration of life for her, but this time we dismantled my mother’s home and said a final good-bye to her and sadly, her home—a gathering place for our family.

Shortly after I returned to Seattle, my mother amazingly appeared in a beautiful dream. In the dream she was standing hand in hand with my dad, as a bride and groom, at the front of an aisle at an outdoor wedding. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and people were seated on folding white chairs. However, rather than a typical outdoor setting, this was being held on the beautiful green lawn of a cemetery with white crosses all over the hillside. They both appeared radiant looking into each other’s eyes. I woke up with a deep feeling of reverence, peace, and joy for this touching dream.

I was going through a stressful period when I was in a relationship that I wanted to terminate. But I put it off for almost a year, telling myself I didn’t have to decide today—I could think about it later. This time, my mother’s face appeared, and she was shaking her head and gritting her teeth. She told me this person was not good for me and that I needed to end it now! It was her expression and words that gave me the courage to ask this man to move out. It was such a great relief!! During her earthly life she liked him but from another elevated perspective she could see the truth and the damage it was causing.

Tuning into Your Dearly Departed Loved Ones

My experience is that most people want to know and believe their loved ones are still alive in some form or other dimension. Also, some people believe when we die, that is the end. However, we know energy can’t be destroyed so the possibility that there is another dimension for departed souls makes sense to most people. Most religions throughout time have talked about a heaven, a nirvana, or some other place beyond time. And many people have their own experiences with feeling the presence of a departed person. Many people contact psychics in efforts to connect with the other side. However, I am suggesting you can do this yourself.

I have had so many experiences with a dimension beyond our own and I rely on that guidance every day. Through the years I have learned and become familiar with what brings me spiritual access. Here are my suggestions for you:

  1. Believe it is possible. If you don’t even believe it’s possible or if you have doubts, that belief will obscure any communication.
  2. Meditate each day and practice mindfulness. It prepares your mind to be receptive by slowing down the chatter and noise that blocks inspiration and guidance. Be in the present moment and feel deep gratitude. Breathe in the beauty and sense of joy when you truly feel grateful for all that you have and are experiencing.
  3. Spend time in nature, noticing the trees, water, plants, flowers, and birds. Appreciate the beauty in the sky– the sunsets, the moon, and the stars. Being in the presence of the beauty of nature brings you closer to the Infinite, God, or All That Is.
  4. Sincerely ask in prayer or meditation for guidance and connection with loved ones, spiritual angels, the divine—whatever words fit for you. Your desire and your receptivity are the keys to this process.
  5. Trust in the unknown and give up the need to always be in control. Recognize your inner connectivity to all of life. The ego keeps us so busy and trapped in the external world that we can’t hear anything else with all the distractions around us.
  6. Pay attention to your dreams. Keep paper and pen nearby and write your dream down the minute you awaken, or it will slip away. We have many different states of consciousness which we can access in meditation, in dreams, in nature, and in music, for example. I wrote my first book by awakening in the night and hearing the words like a stream of consciousness. I wrote in bed, by hand, often even in the dark.
  7. Know that we transform the world by going through our own personal transformation. I call this A Personal Restoration Plan—the path to our true selves, our inner spiritual greatness. When we tune into our own deep knowing, we connect with our soul and our soul’s journey. We shift into a calm and reflective frequency that we can trust for guidance.

Join me in bringing light, love, and illumination in this world of dissension and suffering at this time. We can all be part of an evolutionary shift in consciousness as we individually awaken. Read more at www.dannabeal.com

Miracles, love, laughter,

Danna Beal, M.Ed.



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