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Fight for Freedom May 1, 2022

Posted by Danna Beal in 1.

March 23, 2022

This is a pivotal time in human history.

The will of the people is intended to be the guiding force in human evolution. Traditionally, in past times it naturally occurred. But then the emergence of those who sought power over others for the wealth of themselves divided the people, which broke down the strength and the abilities of the masses. This led to forms of slavery and servitude. In fear of annihilation, people surrendered their own will and gave up their freedom.

Ukraine has valiantly stood to preserves its inalienable right to be a sovereign country and showed the world its valor and courage. Their conviction has empowered the world to unite in support of this dedicated and beleaguered nation.

In principle, this is a tragic and senseless war. Countries joining together and providing the defense systems is helping preserve freedom for Ukraine but, also, freedom for all people. This is a powerful time in the shift of consciousness.  Ukraine is the demonstration of people retaining their own power and liberty through their perseverance and commitment to their love of country and their right to be free.

This is a pivotal time in the history of the planet. Do not despair. Divine justice is being enacted as the shared collective consciousness is repairing the unnecessary losses and tragic situations. This period in time is adjusting the heretofore calamitous ideas, so that progress will be made. Choose to be a voice of strength and compassion allowing a new order, a new world, and freedom for humanity. Adjust your lens and see through and past the appearing evidence and know that truth is shining through. Crazy antics by those who want to be in power will continue to be exposed. The blind will see again. The hearts will soften and the pain will be soothed. Bless all you meet. Be open to all messages henceforth. Don’t doubt your power and your ability to be a conduit of universal love and consciousness.

Unseen changes are occurring behind scenes. This should be welcome news. Believe in your destiny and that of all people– to be free!



1. tim - May 4, 2022

so good….thanks

Liked by 1 person

Danna Beal - May 4, 2022

Thanks. Please share! 🙂


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