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The Twelve Wise Ones

My Mission—Healing the Workplace Culture by Assisting in Rebuilding Relationships

In 1981, I began awakening in the night to voices that told me to write down the information they were giving me. They referred to themselves as “we” and they initially told me to be careful with whom I discuss this information for two reasons:

  1. It will threaten others’ thought system.
  2. I could suffer from the I.W.D.T. syndrome—the “I will doubt, too syndrome.”

Over the years the voices continued sporadically, but always with great wisdom. In 1993 I had an “out of body” type experience where I was elevated into the sky with what seemed like angels—6 on either side of me.  I was upheld in a beautiful, colored sky and rocked in a rhythm of what sounded like a symphony of angelic voices and radiating beautiful lights. I was then told that I would be jubilant if I could see my future, but that this was not the optimum time.  I was told that more time needed to transpire but that it had something to do with spirit in business.

In January of 2000, immediately following the new millennium I was awakened again with a powerful energy from another dimension. I was told it was time to do the work I said I would do.  They said my assignment was the workplace and that I was part of a plan that was primordial, preordained and it was my destiny. I was told there were twelve entities guiding me with the most profound word and divine truth. I refer to the group as the “Twelve Wise Ones.”  They are benevolent, loving beyond words, encouraging and the source of my joy.

They began describing to me (usually throughout the night) what was going on in the workplaces of businesses and organizations. After being told it was an emotional war zone, a web of egos battling and competing for power, and that people were crying out for help, I asked, “Is this an exaggeration?” I was told to listen and not evaluate.

They have been sharing information that brings clarity and understanding to human dissension, especially the workplace. My book, “Tragedy in the Workplace: The Longest Running Show in the Country” was dictated every night for 6 months, while I slept with paper and pen. Upon waking I typed the information on the computer and added stories from my experiences as a business consultant in a multitude of industries. Since that time I rewrote the book, as you will see below.

Since that time, I have typed three, 3-ring binders of information received from the Wise Ones.  They have welcomed me to their council, advised me on everything—speaking, business, and most of all, my personal restoration to my own authentic power. They said I had chosen this mission and I accepted my role in the plan. They said they would be with me every step of the way. They also said I would meet others, kindred souls, unrecognizable to most;  but, we would know each other by the energy we emanate.

I hear different kinds of voices—sometimes strong and deep, other times, melodic and gentle. They said my grandfather was part of this (I have been told this more than once). When I am most open and receptive, I receive the messages in the purest form, needing very little editing, if any.  I feel an amazing vibration that is quite euphoric. The universal truths they have described and shared with me are as beautiful as anything in sacred books in any of the major religions.   The timing is now and people everywhere are crying out and awaiting this message. Many of us are here now to help elevate understanding and to bring about a new level of honor and respect.  And every individual contributes to the spiritual consciousness of the planet.

In 2010 my updated version of the book was published by Sentient Publications.  It was renamed, “The Extraordinary Workplace:  Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion.” The principles and lessons remained the same but the stories and, especially the last chapter called Emancipation, were updated to include more principles on finding personal freedom.

I have not shared the source of my information with business audiences because I did not want to alienate them or challenge their beliefs.  I asked the Wise Ones what I should say and they said to say I wrote it in a state of inspiration.  I now feel I need to share the messages directly to audiences so that others can receive these beautiful messages.  I have decided to share the dictation I have been receiving to validate and reinforce others who are responding to the new vibrations occurring now.

They have told me the dissension humans feel toward each other in the workplace is the same reactionary theme of attack and overcome which has caused wars for centuries.  How can we have world peace if we can’t even be kind and loving to the people we see every day?  They said human beings were afraid to stand up against authority figures and most people are like sheep seeking someone to follow.

They said it will take tremendous efforts to dissuade people from the current consciousness and our help is needed to take a stand for love and compassion.  For people in the workplace, it is as though they are in sunken ships, drowning in the thick, muck of this negative consciousness. But that the passageways are now open and this message is like light, oxygen and freedom coming to them. They also described various peace groups occurring all over the world as part of the plan.

The goal of the message is two-fold: 1) to heal the pain and 2) to heal the soul. The good news is that they said there will be a shift in consciousness that will create a new world.  Those that know it is coming will feel it and those that don’t; they won’t even know it happened.

According to the Wise Ones, “Outside the parameters of our current understanding is another dimension sending us an infusion of energy to create an evolutionary transformation like the world has never known.”  They have stressed this over and over.  They described those of us helping in the plan as light workers and that like children on Christmas morning–it is time to run to the beds of our brothers and sisters and tell them, “Wake up.  It’s Christmas. It’s time to wake up!”

These are amazing times.

Current Update:  I have had my path illuminated in a way in which I am now receiving the guidance and messages almost faster than I can keep up. They are infusing our planet with a magnificent energy of light for us to share and bless one another.  I no longer have to be asleep and groggy to hear them. I merely remain present and in contact through self-reflection.  I will be sharing much more frequently because the time has come.



1. John Smallman - November 19, 2016

What a beautiful and uplifting introduction to you, Danna, and to your Twelve Wise Friends. PLEASE keep sharing!

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2. souldipper - July 4, 2010

Aha, I have just discovered a kindred soul. Very pleased to meet you, Danna, it seems as though we have been given a very similar job to do! I simply adore the fact that you exist and are putting the messages out here. Look forward to sharing more with you. – Amy

Liked by 2 people

Danna Beal - July 23, 2016

Hope you are well.

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3. Stephen Cocconi - January 6, 2010

An amazing gift of healing, compassion, and kindness. Rallying the troop of light workers with the harbinger call of purpose. Thanks Danna.

Stephen Cocconi

Liked by 3 people

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