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If you want to truly make a difference in your workplace or anywhere else, you can only do it when you are strongly rooted in authentic power stemming from the power of universal love. Again, I am not talking about the sentiment of love. I am talking about the power and source of all that is, the source of all creation. It is love. Only our judgment of ourselves and others obscures the love from shining on and through us. Love awaits us—it is in a state of suspension for each one of us who has not yet fully realized and accepted its grace and splendor. But it is our choice to do this or not to do it.

Choice is the function and the main component of free will. Unconscious choices directed by the ego rather than by the wisdom of the inner self are the source of our chaotic lives. Choice without spiritual intent can lead to pain, despair, and destruction. However, choosing differently is always an option within the time you are here. But as fair warning, the longer we wait, the more severe the consequences tend to be. We unsuspectingly bring ourselves to points in our journey where we feel pain that is often the precursor to awakening.

In the world of the ego, reliance is found with other people and things. Reliance is the act of counting on something or someone outside the self for some perceived needed support, validation, or assistance. But relying on things outside yourself will never provide security. The only reliance that will ever give you any kind of certainty is that of your inner guidance and connection with the source. Reliance on love is the straightest and purest path you can walk. Choose no other.

Choosing love over the ego requires having the experience, even if only briefly, of relying on love. Communion with spirit will allow love to expand in your heart and will lead to genuine freedom, peace, and joy. Therein lies your safety and security, because this source is constant and unchanging. It can never be reduced or taken away, except by your own choice. Who would rely on anything less than the promise of universal love? Know these two things: 1) Love asks nothing and receives everything, and 2) Pain and suffering are the result of misguided intentions that block love.

Inspirational video of Universal Love at http://www.youtube.com/user/dannasbeal#p/a/u/0/f3vb1rseCSk

If love is the sunshine, judgment is the cloud that obscures it.


Divine Source of Joy August 2, 2010

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I invite you to watch a video on the power of Universal Love, the power that sustains all life. As you remember Love is the reason you exist, you can help others remember who they are–connected to the same Source. Find your inner joy and elevate the collective consciousness by your presence on the planet.

Click here:


-The Twelve Wise Ones

Give Up Self Righteousness January 30, 2010

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Dear Lightworkers,

To emanate the energy from the spiritual choice, it is necessary to give up the grip of the limiting ego. Challenge the way you see things and confront routines. Give up fixed viewpoints and look carefully behind each opinion and point of view.  Consider the source of your judgment and be open to other options and new possibilities.

You cannot be strong without giving up self-righteousness. Self-righteousness is the linchpin for unraveling the entire ego structure. The ego’s belief or desire to be superior to fellow human beings is an attempt to overcome the sense of worthlessness by denying it or projecting it onto others.

This pervasive ego strategy, employed by the multitudes, is the source of wars at all levels.  The ego’s effort to exonerate itself escalates the drama and dissension. It is time to shatter these deadlocks of blame and persecution by seeing that all interactions are a process of reciprocity. The mutual dynamic is like a dance of pain and suffering between two people, each unwilling to stop. 

Every pain holds the seed of freedom and peace, if felt and experienced, rather than denied or projected onto another.  What is vehemently defended holds the secret to your emancipation. When you defend yourself it intensifies the grip of fear.  If you but knew this, you would put down your sword and shield immediately.  Behind your fear of pain and condemnation you will find the relief your soul desires.

Recognize that the obstacles you face are opportunities disguised as problems.  They are an opening to your freedom.  Pronounce truth and allow others the freedom to choose their own reactions or responses. Do not give into self doubt but honor yourself and your experiences.  Trust that your emotions are telling you the lessons you came here to learn. Allow the feelings from your experiences to emerge so that they can be faced and released. Stop looking for peace and love outside yourself.  Discover true inner peace, love and joy by looking at the very pain you seek to avoid.

You believe that if you felt your pain fully, it would destroy you. You are running from a dreaded and impending wave of fear that you believe will come crashing down on you, crushing you into oblivion. But running is exhausting. The huge darkness cast upon you by the relentless wave is like a cloud of suffering, blocking the light and love you want in your life.  Stop, turn, and face your worst fear.  When you do, you will find, to your utter relief, the foreboding wave is gently lapping against the shore.

To accelerate your growth and personal happiness, learn that any sense of fear, panic, pain or resistance are indicators of the parts of yourself that need healing.  Know that your emotions are not caused by another but are coming from your own thoughts and stories of who you think you are.  It is not true.  Welcome your feelings and sensations instead of refusing to acknowledge them. Be gentle with yourself.  And most importantly, give up claims of self-righteousness. They prevent your feelings from arising, they block your inner path to freedom and they alienate your fellow human beings.

-The Twelve Wise Ones

Proclaim Truth December 11, 2009

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Dear Lightworkers,

Prepare for a journey of mythical proportions. As a leader during these historical times, take a stand for Truth even when others cower and run for cover.  Your energy is needed to elevate understanding and bring about clarity to others. Vow to be a witness to Truth and be aware of false prophets. You are delivering a message of compounding truth and it is an honor and privilege to be here creating a new world.

Join with us in this pilgrimage. Walk the line of hope and faith. It is narrow for few have dared, but those who do can be a guiding light providing assistance to those who are blind and confused.  All of heaven awaits you and you are compelled to follow this path that you chose; not from obligation but from your spiritual desire to do so.  Your path is primordial and you are destined to be here now at this time. You cannot fail: you cannot fail!

How do you do your part in the plan?

As you liberate yourself you liberate others to their inner greatness.  Having the courage to face your own inner fears and doubts will lead to your most glorious self.  And as you honor and forgive yourself, you are able to give up judgment and condemnation of others.  Holding on to vengeance toward others is really just a method for expelling pain that you have caused yourself, through self judgment.  Don’t mistake personal guilt as humility or as a spiritual quality.  Stand up, love and honor yourself as you were created to be.  True compassion for others comes from strength–not weakness.  Compassion arises out of acknowledgment and then forgiveness of your own mistakes and inner doubts.

As you love and honor yourself, you break the intertwined chains of reactions and counter-reactions that are holding individuals in a web of egos.  Much like breaking a thread in a sweater, you help unravel the world wide web of pain, suffering and condemnation.  As you take down your own walls you make it safe for others to do the same.  The beautiful process of self acceptance leads to acceptance of all others.  Deliverance from pain and suffering is your goal; for yourself and others. Pledge allegiance to the plan of which you are a part. 

We honor you, we assist you, and we serve you.

-The Twelve Wise Ones

Peace: Giving Up Rivalry November 11, 2009

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Rivalry in the workplace, families and the world feeds on fear and insecurity and is accelerated by the desire to be recognized or appreciated.  Few can withstand the discomfort and pain of being criticized, attacked and blamed.  The feeling is literally that of being stabbed and deeply wounded.

Fear, when it comes up, wastes the energy of every man, woman and child.  It becomes you.  If allowed, it can overtake your perception of the world.  Fear flows through us like a mighty river.  When blocked, it begins building up and getting stuck within the body, hardening like frozen ice or concrete, and, finally, stopping all the healthy, normal emotions and actions from flowing.

The pain is then absorbed into negative emotions creating physical illness, addiction or deep morose.  Attempts are made to expel the pain by blaming, attacking or lashing out at another, which only leads to greater rivalry, competition and jealousy.

Fear, blaming, attacking and holding a ‘gun” at someone else gives the one doing it a false sense of superiority, a feeling that they are above the source of the threat of destruction.  The pain they cause in others is not felt when they are in the attack mode.  But this sense of triumph is short-lived because another enemy will show up.

This rivalry we are seeing in dramatic proportions today, actually stems from childhood pain that gets hooked in the relationships with others.   The pain needs to be released by facing and experiencing it—the very thing that most people avoid.  This resistance of understanding the self at a deep level occurs because people are afraid of opening up a dirty secret—that they are not worthy.   However, what they do not understand is that it takes so much energy maintaining this wall of protection and image of strength;  it is a false image.  Keeping up the defense is quite literally exhausting.

Emotional assaults are occurring every day at every level in the workplace and the world.  The prognosis for this ongoing dysfunction is not good.  It is an unending process leading to the deep lack of self esteem.   Self worth will never be found in perpetuating drama.  

What can you do to help heal relationships?  The only remedy is to stop reacting, attacking, defending, blaming and fearing to look at your own wound.  Who is the source of pain? Why do you allow the attack and, most of all, why do you believe them?

Staying with the pain, not running away, and allowing it to arise so that it can be released, is the only way you will discover liberation.  As you allow the pain to be felt, you will gradually recall and have memories in your psyche of other painful experiences.  This is your opportunity to witness to yourself how you received these ideas and descriptions of yourself and how these fears have become you!

Discovering your true self, your beautiful self, is difficult to do when you have incorrect beliefs about yourself that block your experience of joy.  Clearing out the fictitious thoughts requires the willingness to stay with your emotional pain, long enough to release it.  This courageous act will strengthen your inner core of authentic power, for you will be facing your greatest fear.   It only takes going to that place of pain, briefly.  You do not have to replay this scene of emotional suffering in your physical world again.  Allow the pain that is hurting you now to be the door to your release.  And that can only be done by you, on your own journey, to the source of lies about yourself.

The truth is that we are glorious beyond our own belief– all these little beliefs that we have created are nothing but this— shadowy veils.  These veils of protection keep us from being fully alive and joyous by filtering the light and shrouding us from seeing our true selves.

Celebrate Your Awakening November 7, 2009

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Dear Lightworkers,

Challenge the little voice insides that tries to distract you.  Do not let it disturb your silence or allow it to perturb you.  Your inner, authentic voice is so powerful that you can actually reach it at any time.  This should give you so much confidence and inner security that you will be affective and authentic in any situation.

Past alliances are not necessary to move forward.  Give up all need to please others and instead, point the way for others.  The distant future is now.  Trust in that, dear ones.  We adore you and rush forward with support in all circumstances.  You are divine creatures in no need of support from external circumstances or others.  You are each an inspiration to others and we cannot tell you how proud we are of your efforts to challenge the mass delusion.  We love and support you at all times. Your faith and commitment have not been in vain.  As you lift your eyes above the sea of dissension, you can lead others to do the same.  Many thanks and much appreciation to each of you for your part in the plan.

Profound changes are about to occur.  We need your help and strength.  Press forward and deliver the message of hope—that of deliverance from pain and suffering in this distortion of reality called planet earth.  It is a prison of humans’ denial, misunderstanding, confusion and pain.  Finding peace amidst this suffering is the moment you can claim your freedom from the delusion. 

Feel the energy of the ultimate power that is reaching through you and emanating to all that surround you.  The rapture continues surging you with power, commitment and passion.  

A choir of a million angels celebrates your awakening.  Believe in us—trust in us. Peace be with you now and forever more. 

-The Twelve Wise Ones

Freedom of the Spirit October 30, 2009

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Peace cannot be found in holding others responsible for yourself and your feelings. Cut through the confusion with the sword of discernment. You can assist others in your life when you disconnect the links and connections holding people in the maze of confusion. You help others when you can release your expectations, fears and worries about them.

Understanding of the interconnectedness is at the forefront of these processes for a spiritual evolution. The initial steps for understanding the hidden agendas and unconscious connections are necessary. Comprehension and appreciation of our freedoms start with experiencing our oneness—it is so easy to judge anything different from yourself.

Your capacity to see in others the same essence and spiritual energy, as yourself, precedes your ability to relate and communicate with others, be it in work, families or around the globe.  There can be no freedom or peace whenever there is oppression of any kind.  Compassionate efforts meant to elevate living standards are sometimes inadvertently causing a difference between the “us and them”, the “haves and have-nots”.   It is time to stop drawing lines in the sand, and instead, seek reconciliation of ideas.

We cannot be free when we are controlling the rights of others anywhere.  Today, people are caught in a  network of rules. Most of the society’s rules lack meaning, invade privacy, and are strangling others into submission; as though doling out bits of freedom in small chunks to awaiting children. 

Peace is a function of people cooperating on a level of respect and honor for one another.  This cannot be achieved when victory or triumph over others is the goal. 

The average person goes through life never questioning his/her path, rarely noticing any patterns and usually not acknowledging opportunities for growth—even when they’re miserable. Yet it is with acknowledging pain that there is an opening to a better life.  Denial and resistance causes people to contribute low energy to the consciousness of the planet .  You elevate the consciousness  when you are  reflecting the energy of understanding yourself, your notions and your projections.  As you do that you can give up holding yourself and others to unconscious ideas and beliefs that are not true anyway.

Your ego is a small fearful part of you that is a great actor.  Sometimes it is the powerful star of the team and other times it is the self righteous victim bearing great sorrow.  Neither is true and both roles are stemming from a story you told yourself . You are neither the victim nor the enemy. Letting go of the grip of the ego and taking the path within is the portal to freedom.  Peace begins with you. It is a “Personal Restoration Plan” of you to your true self, your inner spiritual greatness intended by the Creator.  Patience, perseverance and passion will help you in this endeavor.

-The Twelve Wise Ones

The Ego’s Concept of Judgment Day October 30, 2009

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Because the tiny, fearful ego is so judgmental of itself and others, it must also project the same judgment onto the all-loving Creator. The ego throughout its life is gradually attempting to build up defenses in preparation for its unavoidable destination—its ultimate fear—Judgment Day.

The ego instinctively knows it will never survive after physical death, even though it longs to believe it will go to the everlasting place, the hereafter it wants to enter. And indeed, it dreams of the Promised Land for that very reason, the resting it needs because, quite frankly, the ego is exhausted from all the energy expended in the big chess game of life. The ego has spent a lifetime in the ever-vigilant roles it has created for itself over an entire lifetime.

But the ego doesn’t believe it deserves heaven.  The ego is only an actor and knows it is not worthy of a final resting place of any kind . . . not even in the ground. So the ego sees the point of death, the Day of Judgment, as its greatest fear coming to fruition.  As it comes before the Creator, it will finally be found out.  The jig is up. It will finally be exposed that the ego is a fraud.

And from this terrible position, met by the Maker Himself, the only choice, the only justice would be everlasting hell: to have to remain eternally in the pain it has been in all its life, only amplified a thousand times. The ego will now be with the pain and suffering it has tried to deny all its life, but it is now its never-ending future. This is the justice the guilty ego believes is its only reprisal.  It is its just dessert for a job well done of fearing and preying on others for its sustenance.

This is the final conflict: How can the ego give up its defenses in the face of the Creator, the One who knows how much of a fraud the ego is?  Here, the ego comes face to face with its greatest fear. The fear is so great and so terrifying all other perceived threats pale in comparison. Hence, come all the stories of dying if you see the face of God, the fire and brimstone of hell, the whole concept of Judgment Day, and the endless admonitions from the leaders of the churches throughout centuries of fear.

The fear is unconscious, but it is so great the ego has found ways to attempt to lessen the fear: Confess your sins, do good work, give your money to churches and other worthy causes, and finally, project your guilt onto others. Disconnect from it, go to counselors, take seminars, read the Bible and self- help books. Seek answers to find peace and relief from the pain and stress of living a lie.

But every attempt, even the admirable paths, all lead to fear at some point because the ego knows it will be confronted in the end . . . and then its powerlessness will be exposed.  So once again, the ego plays one more game: it bargains with God.

The ego promises to be good and righteous “if you’ll only let me go to Heaven” when time, on the planet, is up.  But “good” is a relative term.  How good is good enough?  How many sins can you commit? Therein lies the ego’s challenge: trying to appear “good” enough for God, but really never measuring up. The ego knows, ultimately, it is not worthy.

So the fear encountered, which unconsciously resides within every soul, is a pain deeply embedded in the psyche.  There is no escape.  Hell becomes a reality because it isn’t someday—it is now!

Life is a living hell for the ego.  Moments of clarity and joy occur, but the massive consciousness of the ego’s world is so great it is difficult to not be swallowed by it in almost every step of the way.

So where is the door out of this painful maze of self- deception and fear?

The only possibility is in opening the door to that which has never seen the light of day, the door the ego has locked shut and thrown away the key.  But the key is right here.  You must have the courage to challenge your ego, your false self-created identity, which has never given you anything but pain and exhaustion. You have the key.  Great teachers like Jesus, Ghandi, the Buddha, and other spiritual leaders cannot give it to you.  They can only point the way.

The way home points back to yourself:  the judge, the jury, and the warden of your self-imposed prison.  Only you can set yourself free.  You must challenge the seemingly powerful ego to finally give up the battle, surrender to the incredible inner spiritual greatness residing beneath the shabby imitation of your true self.

 It takes great attention, it requires fearless dedication, and it demands focus and awareness in the present moment of every passing day. You are waking up from a deep, deep sleep and the desire to go back to sleep is almost overwhelming. You must fight the urge to sleep by challenging the ego’s attempts to hook you, to make you believe it is real, to lead you back down the familiar path of perpetual pain and misery.  The process of facing your ego would be extremely difficult if it wasn’t so powerfully reinforced by your soul.

Your soul wants you to awaken.

Many of you are now trying to wake up because the terror and demons of the nightmare are becoming too painful and unbearable.  The fracturing of the old system is becoming intolerable.  And just as a nightmare wakes you out of a sound sleep, so can a crisis or painful experience wake you up from the ego’s dream.  You can decide right now to wake up, to be restored to your true identity and beautiful soul that you are.

-The Twelve Wise Ones

Universal Love October 25, 2009

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Universal Love

These two things—let it be known:

  • Love asks nothing and receives everything.
  • Pain and suffering are the result of misguided  intentions that block love.

Your ego strategies and neediness block the very love you so desire. Universal love is the source of everything. Universal love is the power that sustains all life.

Love in its purest form shines away all doubt.
It strengthens your resolve and confirms your intentions.

It spreads far and wide.
It limits nothing and controls no one.
It builds hope and faith.
Love fortifies your strength and increases your intensity.
It moves mountains.

In its purest form, love flourishes in spite of uncertainty.
It provides comfort and dissolves all fear.

Love is the very reason you exist.

Love eliminates no one but shines on everyone.
Love paves the way for a smooth journey. 
It creates opportunities that lead to fruition.
It is both practical and masterful.

Love abandons no one.
It does not shrink or cower in the face of obstacles.
It cuts through the clouds of confusion and clears all interference.

We need to envelope the world in love. Love radiates peace and joy.
Love multiplies and amplifies all your efforts.

Give up your worries and concerns that limit your power and energy.
Love is patient and enduring.

Be joyful and what you need will follow. Not the other way around. The world believes you will be happy when you get what you need but this is not true.

Your needs and desires will be met.

Trust in that.

-The Twelve Wise Ones

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