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Be a Leader in Shifting Consciousness July 31, 2010

Posted by Danna Beal in Emancipation, Spiritual evolution, Spiritual infusion, Spiritual shift.
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The planet is shifting out of a previous conditioning from centuries and centuries of human existence. The person who unravels this complex web within the self can stop replaying the same role and reacting to the web of egos around them. This person can be called a leader. As a leader, you assist the evolutionary shift by your very presence. Stand tall and strong. Bring light and clarity to the masses, who are unaware of the process.

Pronounce truth, even when others run for cover.  Denounce falsities, inaccurate information, platitudes and lip service to a flawed philosophy that demeans others. Choose no other way—be forever in the pursuit of truth and equality for all people.

The past has been shrouded in pain and fear.  The future holds the glimmering and shining possibilities for a new world—a transformation so great it will shake the foundation of the illusionary world.  Trust that your part will be supported.

Outside your current parameters of knowledge and perception is a world assisting your world in its evolution.  We direct your commitment and participation in bringing about a change.  We welcome you for the purpose of creating a new evolutionary progression that benefits all people.  Unknowing to you, there is an underlying process that is affecting earthly beings in various aspects of evolutionary changes, far beyond your own understanding.

But for your purposes, now, what is needed is your full and complete commitment to a new revolutionary, planetary movement of such huge proportions that it will change the face of humanity as you know it.  Your participation is recognized, appreciated, supported and honored.

Develop a passageway through the thickness and heaviness of the current consciousness.  Create an opening that will be the light in the darkness–that will lead others out of this cosmic, dark, thick fog of negative energy.  Develop the channels that are open, much like passageways of oxygen to sinking ships—the delivery of that which will lead out of the deep state of being below the surface of light, oxygen and life.

Come aboard the ship of freedom by giving up your fears of drowning in the muck of human misery.  Don’t doubt your ability to share this message and help others come out of their murky waters—their swamps, the infested waters, the lives of misery in the muck of human dissension and disdain– a (hornet’s) nest of pain and hatred projected onto fellow human beings! 

Your willingness to arise of out of the muck, the human suffering that pulls everyone down, drowning them in a sewer of misery, is testimony to your commitment that you made before coming here.   Your mission is to drive away the faulty beliefs that hold people in their pain and suffering.  You have dedicated yourself to the process and your commitment to do this, in spite of being trapped in the same dimension, is why we appreciate all of you who assist in this divine mission to help humanity.

Doubt not this lesson, as you cross over to new levels of evolution.  Your destiny and power come from a Divine source—not that of human derivation. We applaud you and provide support, comfort, assistance and love, in every way that we can.

-The Twelve Wise Ones


Allegiance to Truth February 8, 2010

Posted by Danna Beal in Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual infusion.
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Dear Lightworkers,

Every day, you will find a little more freedom. All the guilt you hold within yourself, combined with your lack of forgiveness, prevent you from honoring yourself. So the automatic relief is to project the suppressed feelings of disgust outside yourselves and onto others. To heal the world, we must heal ourselves.  And without forgiveness and compassion for ourselves; we cannot forgive or feel compassion for others.

There is so much pain and suffering in the world today and our compassionate nature is blocked, like a black, thick fog, binding us and holding us apart; unable to see our fellow brothers and sisters. As you awaken, you can be like the lighthouse, guiding the ships to safe harbor. Bridge the gap between lost souls that they might see one another.

To forgive yourselves, you must acknowledge the indiscretions and negative feelings toward yourself. The ego will resist looking at your weaknesses but do it anyway; without condemnation. Then silently say to the Universe (your God, your celestial guides, the All That Is—whatever resonates with you) and to those you recognize you have hurt, “I want to apologize for my mistakes and my misguided interpretations. I want to be a witness to truth so that I can accept myself and others as they are; without blame or projection.”

Believe in yourself and give up your self deprecation. Persevere, be witness to truth and judge no one. Divine assistance to help you right the wrongs in the temporary insanity on planet earth is coming to you. You will assist the plan through making right choices. Believe in no other false witnesses—trust in your divine guidance and believe in us, Dear Ones. We so adore you and promise support without fail.  Give your allegiance to our system of peace and love. Amen.

Pure energy will guide and assist you.  Blessed are you who shine a light and brighten the hopes of others through your own perseverance and commitment.  We smile with pleasure.  Joy comes to those who do God’s work.

-The Wise Ones

A New Glimmering Future November 5, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in Spiritual evolution, Spiritual infusion.

Dear Lightworkers,

If you feel you have to make your own way; you are in your ego.

If you feel you are doing this alone; you are in your ego.

You are carrying a very highly specialized DNA that provides expansion; ultimately, preventing the planet from extinction.  Living within you are the seeds of energy for a new level of consciousness; a rapidly expanding understanding that is elevating awareness.

A new energy from this DNA is dedicated to the sponsorship and procurement of a new society.  The passionate endeavors by many are bringing forth a new civilization providing ascension.  Join us in the procurement of a new, glimmering future.  Purposeful moments allow you the opportunity to spread this new way of reality to others who are blind and confused, allowing the new energy to flow into the endeavor.

Passages in time are/were necessary to prepare you for this moment in time, in the history of this planet; allowing new information to be disseminated in this massive endeavor.  Purposeful actions, stemming from those dedicated to this process, will amass the critical proportions of energy to shift the current energy field.

You think too small. You are being directed, even as we speak, to alter the consciousness of this planet.  Practice meditation and mastery of your gifts to assist in this plan. 

The procurement of a new, glimmering future is the goal.  Assistance from the universal Source is arriving daily!!  Breathe it in.  Drink it in.  Draw it in.  Emanate the new energy.

-The Twelve Wise Ones

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