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Antidote for Poisonous Ideas November 13, 2009

Posted by Danna Beal in Enemies, Global Oneness, Relationships.
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Dear Lightworkers,

Tremendous efforts are needed to dissuade the common theme of attack and overcome held by so many people.  Peace can never come from overcoming others.  Understanding  relationships and finding radical new ways to achieve peace are necessary for the pursuant of freedom.

It is important to recognize the dynamic of mutual engagement.  Whether between individuals, groups or whole nations, it takes both sides to hold the relationship together.  As an example, a shoe lace is intertwined as it laces the shoe with adjoining pressure, pulling the parts of the shoe together.  This automatically tightens the grip of both sides of the shoe.  This joint pressure holds the shoe together.  But when the pressure becomes unbearable, the lace breaks—“the tie that binds them”.  This breaking or bursting is usually see as the fault of the other but is actually the result of both sides pulling against each other—intertwined needs and emotions that keep them engaged.  It is not love that binds them; it is fear.  

 Trying to overcome the other person, group or nation, by intensifying the pressure always results in disruptions and even wars. Warring nations have been held in the same pull of intertwined relationships for centuries.

Poisoned attitudes and ideas for achieving supremacy are delivered to each other and through the media.  Poisonous ideas, like venom, need an antidote to dilute their power.  This passage of time requires people taking a stand for peace, with conviction;  not just politely standing by waiting to see what will happen.

When you pronounce Truth it will be recognized. Freedom is just that—freedom from fear and freedom of speech.  Persevere in spreading a message of peace, love and harmony. Do not give others authority over you or be beguiled by false platitudes.

Why are people afraid to take a stand?  It stems from fear of punitive action from those in authority.  Childhood experiences of being scolded by a teacher or older authority, have conditioned people to be afraid to speak the truth or take a stand against the prevailing culture.  Reclaim your own authority, your inner spiritual greatness.

Ask the question, when does a defense become the offence?  When are we the perpetrators, and when are we the perpetrated upon?  Every time we attack another, be it in families, work or the world, we tighten the interlaced pressure that will finally burst.

Be a shining example to the world of acceptance, compassion and integrity. Open hearts with a divine message, bless those before you and forgive your enemies.  Prepare a way for a new generation and be passionate in your commitment to deliver Truth. Truth will cut through the confusion like the sun breaking through the clouds. Bask in the sunshine of our approval and share that same light of love and forgiveness with others.  Blessed are you who do God’s work.

-The Twelve Wise Ones



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