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About Danna Beal

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Danna Beal, M.Ed., is an international speaker, author and coach residing in Bellevue, WA.  She has been on over 80 radio and TV talk shows throughout the country, discussing her book, The Extraordinary Workplace:  Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion. Her ability to help both individuals and audiences melt their walls of fear and resistance so that LOVE, peace, and joy can emerge, is her unique gift.

She has been a keynote speaker and workshop leader for over 300 businesses on her new model for enlightened leadership; creating harmony, teamwork, and extraordinary success. Her interest in expanding human potential has been a thread throughout her life. She is committed to helping people be restored to their authentic selves and inner greatness through a process that illuminates and brings clarity to the drama in the workplace.

Addressing the unrecognized costs to businesses when the work environment is filled with emotional drama and power struggles, she introduces a new model for “enlightened leadership”. Her work rebuilds relationships and increases team building, loyalty, synergism and success. “When every person can contribute in a cooperative environment, businesses succeed at a level unattainable in a competitive, fear based atmosphere.” Previous speaking engagements include:


“Danna Beal’s book puts relationships in the workplace under the microscope and offers practical, helpful, spiritual nuggets as ways of healing the workplace.”
Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear

 “The Extraordinary Workplace is a book for anyone who works—no matter what your role in the organization. Discover how you can find peace in today’s chaotic workplace.”
–Russell Bishop, Managing Partner, Bishop & Bishop and author of Workarounds That Work  

“Anyone in today’s workplace would derive benefit from Danna’s wise advice and counsel. Follow it and watch your business prosper.”
–Carol Howe, author of Never Forget to Laugh:  Personal Recollections of Bill Thetford, Co-Scribe of “A Course in Miracles”   

“BRAVO!! The book is magnificent. You look into the eyes of so many critical mistakes in corporate life, and you stare them down with a stunning form of connectivity, compassion, and human caring. This work should turn tattered from use in the hands of every executive in the world.”
–Mike Cogdill, Emmy Award winning television journalist, author of She-Rain  

“Thank you for your wonderful participation at our international conference. You have a message that begs to be heard, and the evaluations from our attendees confirm that to be the case. Quite simply, you were great!”
–Tom Gibson, President/CEO, Association Management Bureau/IntellEvents, Inc., Washington DC

“A few years ago, I asked Danna if she could speak at my hospital Grand Rounds.  Due to their strong personalities, addressing healthcare professionals and physicians can be a challenge.  Danna delivered an important message that transcended any rank or authority that existed in the room.  She gave us all equal footing and empowered the participants to be their best self at work.  Egos aside, we all have a common goal of delivering quality care to our patients.  Danna helped us to see through minutia to what really matters most.  I highly recommend her to any organization that wants to improve workplace cohesiveness.”
–Julie Adams RN MSN PHN, Director of Utilization Review, Case Management & Social Services, St Rose Hospital, Hayward CA

“I totally agree with Danna. We should utilize the time at work to learn life skills we can use at home. I truly enjoyed reading Danna’s book and feel that I am already incorporating some of her principles in my daily work. It is a very inspirational book.”
–Anders Berglund, IKEA, former co-owner, Seattle, WA

“Really, Danna, as I readily noted, your writing conveys a kind of spirit that rises above the daily mechanical grind and inspires a sense of values, connecting not only to other people but also to the very basic questions as to why we are here on earth.” 
–Sue Romanick MD, Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, Lecturer on fibromyalgia, arthritis and pain, back pain, osteoporosis and autoimmune disorders, Bellevue, WA

Visit Danna Beal at her website by clicking on this link

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