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Rebuild, Renew, and Reenergize January 13, 2022

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We have the opportunity to begin anew, with a fresh start in our organizations, our families, and our world. With unrelenting changes in the past two years, we are being challenged to find new answers, forge new horizons, and create organizations that are desirable and retentive. The Great Resignation has not slowed down and finding and keeping dedicated employees is an increasing and ongoing goal. Putting people first is not only necessary, but also the path to rebuilding workplace cultures that are better, happier, more productive, and more successful for the long-term. Rebuilding and creating a desirable workplace culture requires thinking outside the “spreadsheet” and moving outside of the proverbial box. A renewal for 2022 demands a clear vision from a higher vantage point with leaders who are willing to change the outmoded models of leadership.

Healthcare, of all industries, has suffered immensely from the past two years of the pandemic. People on the front lines are exhausted and burned out. Everyone needs support and reenergizing. This necessary emotional support arises out of emotional intelligence and is one of the most important attributes needed to reenergize others. People who are respected, honored, and appreciated by both leaders and co-workers can more readily rise to the demands—whereas, people who feel criticized, blamed, or even ignored, can feel demoralized, burnt out, and hopeless.

Steps for Renewal

In this New Year, leaders can inspire employees and themselves to withstand and overcome upcoming challenges by committing to a clear vision which honors the spirit in all people. Leaders need to also recognize the contributions and seek feedback from everyone. Some possibilities for rebuilding, renewing, and reenergizing everyone in your organization include:

1. Be open to new ways and to new ideas.

As an individual, begin to let yourself be open to possibilities that you may have not considered before, or maybe resisted in the past. A closed mind is not usually recognized until we look at what we are blocking or resisting. Opening just a little can create a space where new ideas flow into our awareness. But as long as we are sure that the old way is working or is “just the way we have to do it” we shut off inspiration that could forge new paths. Practice noticing resistance in all your thinking, and you will start to see how being even a little bit open brings new people, new situations, and greater possibilities into your life. No matter how things look, there are always more options.

2. Listen to all points of view.

The best and most necessary changes and ideas come from people at the front lines and managers closest to the various issues and circumstances. Leaders who believe they must come up with the direction and answers are shooting themselves in the foot because their perspective is not in the details or actual processes. Listening to those who carryout and perform all the essential activities and services is the most important thing leaders can do. When you unleash the potential of employees’ contributions, solutions will be discovered, and the organization will expand. Commitment will grow and teamwork will increase. Better results will be attained from teamwork than actions based on top-down directives.

3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable and unguarded can feel like a weakness. However, the effort to appear superior and invulnerable is an ego defense that blocks access and prevents people from speaking up, sharing, or telling you the truth. Being vulnerable is also the path to compassion. Throughout time, the leaders who changed the world, were strong in their vision and purpose, but they were willing to be vulnerable and humble. They could apologize, admit mistakes, receive criticism, and remain calm and forthright. Leaders with these traits are able to reenergize and inspire the people they are leading in their teams and throughout the organization.

4. Practice compassionate grace and empathy.

Healthcare is founded on compassion and taking care of those in need. The word compassion is in nearly every mission statement of every healthcare organization. And yet, I see so many leaders who forget to stop and feel empathy and compassion for the people with whom they work. Honoring the spirit in ourselves and others that is residing beneath our identities and roles is the key to building teamwork, energizing others, touching hearts, and rebuilding relationships with trust and compassion. Fear from many directions and sources permeates many workplace cultures, and having compassion and building trust opens communication, increases loyalty, and resolves workplaces problems and issues. When you are compassionate you illuminate the workplace and clear the shadows of fear and doubt.

5. Release grievances and practice forgiveness in the workplace, families, and friendships.

With all the turmoil in the world, we can’t solve everything at once. But we can, one by one, give up our resentments, our grudges, our victim thinking, and our self-righteousness and that will help heal the world. Recognize that when you are sure that you are 100% right and someone else is totally wrong—whether in the workplace, in government, in families, or anywhere–you are seeing only part of the picture. Self-righteousness is the result. We believe when we blame others it exonerates us. But the truth is, when we can forgive others, and stop blaming everyone else for issues, our workplaces, our families, our communities, and our world will be more peaceful.

Immediate Steps for Rebuilding and Renewing Relationships in 2022

  • Everyday choose one person to uplift with a positive message. Do it in person if you are at work or call someone and give them a positive message, a compliment, and/or encouragement.
  • Start each morning in the state of gratitude by acknowledging all the things that you do have, instead of lamenting your problems and the issues you see around you.
  • Practice compassionate grace for yourself. Remind yourself of your own good qualities and stop being self-effacing or hard on yourself.
  • Stop carrying the heavy cross and give up being the victim. You can be a joy and inspiration to others, but it starts with yourself.
  • Practice meditation or silent moments every day. The small amount of time spent in sincere reflection will multiply and amplify your clarity, joy, and peace beyond measure.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. -Rumi

Merry Christmas December 24, 2021

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May this Christmas season be a time of love, forgiveness, peace, and joy. Christmas can be a time of awakening to our true selves, our inner spiritual greatness. As we remember who we truly are, we automatically awaken others. Much like children on Christmas morning, who run to their sibling’s bedrooms and say, “Wake up! Wake up! It’s Christmas,” we can individually and collectively help others to awaken and remember who they are. As we take off our artificial masks, we will see our brothers and sisters standing there–our beloved fellow souls whom we had mistakenly identified as the enemy. When we extend love instead of judgment and fear, we can bring peace to the world! Merry Christmas!

The Remedy for Conflict: LOVE April 6, 2021

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The Zags, the remarkable Gonzaga men’s basketball team, is moving into the Final Four in the NCAA championship tournament. As a Washingtonian, with Spokane as my hometown, I am excited for the Zags! I also keep reading and hearing about how happy, committed, and confident the players are during the games. These young men have described themselves as genuinely liking one another and sincerely supporting each other to win the games. They don’t let their egos get in the way, and instead, play to everyone’s strengths. The harmony and teamwork shown by the Zags can be an impressive example of what is needed in the workplace culture.

Conflict in the workplace, as well as families, communities, and the nation, blocks the teamwork and harmony we want in the workplace culture. Conflict and mental health issues are on the rise. Employee Assistance Programs are trying to meet the demands. But treating the symptoms is not changing the culture where the real problems exist. The responsibility for transforming workplace culture resides with leadership. Respect and true affinity for one another starts from enlightened leaders operating from universal love, the basic and powerful force that unites human beings.

We often use the word love indiscriminately: “I love my house, my new outfit, the movie I saw, the dinner I had, the new car I bought, or the places I have visited.” But we hesitate to use the same word about our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends, or especially our enemies. Too often, we hold back love and refrain from expressing our affinity for others. And when someone disagrees with us or does something that we find unacceptable, we can actually feel hostile toward that one or that group of people. This resulting conflict of these contradictory views in the workplace is a toxic environment while, on a bigger scope, the outcome in the country is a divided nation. Conflict is seen, heard, and felt frequently. Blaming others is not the remedy. The antidote to conflict is the wisdom of universal love. The path to harmony is not in overcoming others, but conversely, in finding that we are more alike than we are different.

Examining conflict and our own part in creating the discord that blocks teamwork.

I suggest we ask ourselves the following questions and consider these possible viewpoints.

  1. Why do I identify so strongly with my beliefs?
    I am not my beliefs. My beliefs are just my thoughts and opinions that I believe to be true. I hold them often so tightly that if someone has an opposing view, I feel it as a threat to my very power and self-worth. But even this sense of attack on me is just another reaction based on my opinion.
  2. Why do I have to be right and feel superior to others?
    My need to be right and overcome others’ opinions only causes them to feel backed into a corner in which they feel must come out fighting. Our need to be right has escalated the conflict. They have a right to their opinion even if it differs from mine.
  3. Why do I make enemies, either at work and/or in our national politics?
    When I can see that I assign the role of enemy to anyone, any group, or circumstance that threatens my identity or sense of safety, then I can experience personal freedom. A perceived enemy is a mirror reflecting our inner fear. Blaming others weakens us.
  4. Can I slow down long enough to find clarity?
    The culture of being busy, dealing with constant information such as email, texts, the internet, social media, and the news has become overwhelming and has caused a frenetic society. Bringing mindfulness, calm, and presence to every situation is the path to clarity and resolution. It is also the only way we can align with the power of love.
  5. Can I face my greatest fear, weakness, doubt, or sense of unworthiness?
    Great leaders have the trait of introspection and personal responsibility. They have the humility to be wrong and to admit their shortcomings. This takes great courage and is contrary to what many think is required in strong leadership.

The culture starts at the top and enlightened leaders throughout history who have led successful organizations, movements, and countries, take full responsibility for losses—not blaming issues on scapegoats and fall guys. Leaders create wins but accept responsibility for losses.

The remedy of love and acceptance.

Love, in the truest universal sense, is the most powerful force in the universe. It shines on everyone and resides in all people. When in alignment with love, we are energized and empowered to make new discoveries and accomplish great feats. Love is not a weakness. On the contrary, love is the power that sustains all life. It is masterful and imaginative. Imagination stems from the wellspring of creativity – which is the source of genius itself. When we align with love, we align with the power to move mountains, the strength to stand in truth, and the gentleness to feel compassion for all living things.

How do we align with love?

  1. Have an open mind.
    A closed mind can never learn anything new. It stops discovery, innovation, and creativity. Be open to others’ opinions and desires. Listen to others rather than offering your opinion first.
  2. Notice the constantly chattering mind and start to recognize you are not your thoughts.
    The mind is often on autopilot and is thinking all the time. You even argue with the thoughts in your mind. See them as habits of thinking and recognize that you don’t have to believe them.
  3. Notice the slightest irritations with others.
    Sometimes the smallest disagreements of different opinions can trigger us to want to be right and overcome the other person or group. Can you notice that the issue is not that important or might even be trivial and doesn’t really matter?
  4. Respect the right of others to have their own opinion.
    You will never change someone’s mind by blaming or saying they are wrong. Demonstrate your own beliefs through your actions, not your words. Be an example of love and practice compassion and forgiveness.
  5. Notice how often and what you are complaining about.
    The ego is constantly complaining about everything—the weather, the traffic, the news, the others, politics, or some irritable circumstance. This is the ego’s clever way to make you superior, the one who knows more, and the one who is always right. Try to notice and then stop complaining. Feel gratitude for all that is right rather than your perceptions of what is wrong.
  6. Never underestimate the ego’s ability to run the show.
    The ego is so crafty it will try to say things to you that will validate your faulty thinking. Your ego may play the role of the exalted one or the smartest one in the room. Or less easily recognized, the ego may be the self-righteous victim, the unfairly treated, or the underdog. These shadow personalities are barriers to your true birthright of joy, creativity, and peace. Your ego can justify anything. It takes great perseverance to not be tricked by your own ego.

Join me in Project Illumination, dedicated to bringing light and love, individually and collectively, to the workplace, to families, to communities, and the world. One by one, we can heal the dissension between human beings with kindness, honor, and respect for one another. We have the opportunity, as leaders, to create better cultures in the workplace and the world. Go Zags! First Published in Healthcare News.

Danna Beal, M.Ed., lives in the Seattle, WA area where she is an international speaker, author, retreat/workshop leader, and executive coach. She has spoken to thousands of businesses and conferences and has been on countless radio shows, podcasts, and webinars discussing “Enlightened Leadership” and “Workplace Culture” based on her book, “The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion.” Her audiences and clients have included: Seattle Science Foundation–Spine Surgeons Grand Rounds, Swedish Hospital and Medical Groups, Kaiser Permanente Grand Rounds, Oakland, CA, AHRA, Orlando, FL, Federal Aviation Administration, Overlake Hospital Perioperative Conference, Radia, numerous physician practices and hospitals. Her website is www.dannabeal.com.

Finding Relief from a Toxic Workplace: Why We Must Shine a Light on this Difficult Problem May 10, 2022

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I was feeling trepidation as I stood on a stage before a national audience of 800 business leaders in Denver, Colorado. I felt angst about the words I was about to speak in sharing my experiences as an author and consultant in a wide variety of businesses and industries. Although the goal of a speaker is to inspire and uplift others, I began with the words that I was compelled to tell audiences everywhere.

“Unfortunately, today’s workplace is often fraught with pain, suffering, insecurity, gossip, one-upmanship, rivalry, sabotage, insecurity, blame, and, most insidiously, fear.” I added that, “The very place where most people go each day to provide financial security for themselves and their families, is filled with emotional insecurity and suffering for people throughout the country.”

As I glanced around at the blur of faces, you could hear a pin drop. Then I asked this question:

“How many of you in this room know what I am talking about?”

If you are reading this article, you probably already know the answer. One by one, slowly, and furtively at first, I watched nearly every single hand in the room go up. It is always at this moment that I can feel an almost palpable sense of relief as people look around and realize that they are not alone in their observations and secret awareness of the suffering in their workplace culture. For over twenty years I have had the same response in hundreds of conferences and from thousands of people.

My point in sharing this story is to demonstrate that it isn’t easy to talk about, it isn’t just a few people, it isn’t just one industry, and most of all, that it is happening to some degree in businesses everywhere. Though difficult to discuss we must acknowledge the hidden “elephant in the room”—the underlying suffering, internal competition, and emotional drama found in workplaces today. I might also add, although I have worked in many industries, I have spent a majority of my time in healthcare. In my opinion, the people in all aspects of healthcare are experiencing one of the highest degrees of pressure, suffering, stress, toxicity, and pain in their cultures. Paradoxically, healthcare providers, by nature, are compassionate people.

You Cannot Fix What You Don’t Acknowledge

Today there is empirical evidence and undeniable data on the effects of toxicity in the workplace culture. The MIT Sloane Management Review article on March 16, 2022 by Dr. Donald Sull, et al, Why Every Leader Needs to Worry About Toxic Culture, provides so much revealing and well-researched data:

“A toxic corporate culture is by far the best predictor of attrition and is 10 times more important than compensation in turnover during the Great Resignation.”

In addition, their research summarizes the “Top Five” factors in a toxic workplace:  1) Disrespectful, 2) Non-inclusive, 3) Unethical, 4) Cutthroat, and 5) Abusive. All of these factors are disabling and disempowering. They cause pain that cuts to the core of being a human being.

Workplace culture affects the ability to recruit, retain, and build responsive and successful organizations. In an environment today where businesses are competing for employees, clearly, the workplace culture is of huge importance. In addition, toxic workplaces get more negative reviews on Glassdoor.com, according to the research, making it harder to recruit employees. And it is extremely important for business leaders to know that a toxic workplace creates staggering bottom-line costs for companies.

Sometimes the “boss from hell” is creating a toxic department, sometimes toxicity is found in pockets of an organization, and sometimes the entire culture is toxic. Change must start at the top levels but rooting out toxic people in middle management is important as well. The costs of poor leaders and managers is immeasurable.

Why We Need Relief from a Toxic Workplace

We need relief because the data from the research and my experience of interacting with thousands of people reveals we are suffering much more than people have been willing to admit. Human beings are not cogs in a wheel or parts of a machine. Our need to feel valued, that we belong, that we are loved, and that we are needed are our core, basic human needs. If a workplace is draining our energy and sense of self-worth, that affects us both at work and at home. We cannot separate our lives into different compartments. We take our pain home.

Awakening in the Workplace

The following are my suggestions for healing yourself as well as your workplace. Whether you are a top-level leader, a middle manager, or a front-line worker (or both), you need to start with yourself to clearly see what is really happening. As humans in need of financial security and emotional safety, we sometimes deny what is really going on so that we don’t have to deal with it. Postponing it doesn’t work and suppressing our emotions causes more pain.

1. Wake up and see that you are a participant in a drama.

One of the reasons your workplace culture persists is because you and your coworkers are participating players in it. It is like an actual drama being performed by actors and it only continues to work if everyone agrees to the rules, the plot, and the script. The fear of losing your job, your income, your identity, your title, your window office, or your sense of worth keeps you in the drama. But if you just stop and start looking from a different viewpoint, you will see things from an elevated perspective. When we become truly present, we connect with our true nature, our authentic power. We do not operate from fear, and we finally cease being a victim. Practice throughout the day by deliberately stopping (every hour or more) and doing a mindful, very present pause for at least five minutes.

2. Recognize the fear that is driving all the drama and suffering.

It is fear and the need for power over others that is behind much of the behavior at work. As you awaken to your own true self and perspective you will understand others better. You can even start to see how fervently some people play their roles. One of my most often quoted lines is, “Beware of children dressed as powerful adults. Do not be beguiled.” If someone is a bully, for example, you can learn not to surrender your freedom or right to express yourself. Conversely, if you are a leader, you can see that fear is not the way to motivate or drive performance. Fear is a temporary inducement. Like a horse that is whipped to go faster, it will only work for a while or until the horse collapses.

3. Shine light and love on others from your place of being awake.

We can rebuild relationships by illuminating the workplace stage, so to speak. I call it Project Illumination because the aim is to shine a light on the shadows and hidden stories at work that keep people in fear. Create a safe environment by being authentic, communicative, accessible, and operate from love. I call it the BE LOVE model of leadership because who you are is more important than what you are doing. As each of us wakes up through our own process of self-realization, we help others wake up. Practice every day intentionally saying something kind, positive, or complimentary to at least three people—and more is even better.

4. Make choices to liberate yourself and others.

When you are guided by your true self, your inner spiritual greatness, that is residing beneath your image or role that you play, you are free to make the best choices for yourself. If you decide to create a better workplace culture where you are, you will bring authenticity and power to that decision. If you determine you want to leave, you will find options and opportunities that you didn’t know were available. You will be free. As you free yourself, you free others to make their choices.

After over twenty years of writing, coaching, and speaking on steps for healing the workplace, I know it is not easy to release yourself from the grips of fear. The practical steps and stories in my book, The Extraordinary Workplace Culture: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion, can help reinforce your commitment to being authentic and free. There are also many other books and resources for expanding your self-realization. I encourage you to put your attention on yourself and discover the path to feel empowered, happy, and free!

Fight for Freedom May 1, 2022

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March 23, 2022

This is a pivotal time in human history.

The will of the people is intended to be the guiding force in human evolution. Traditionally, in past times it naturally occurred. But then the emergence of those who sought power over others for the wealth of themselves divided the people, which broke down the strength and the abilities of the masses. This led to forms of slavery and servitude. In fear of annihilation, people surrendered their own will and gave up their freedom.

Ukraine has valiantly stood to preserves its inalienable right to be a sovereign country and showed the world its valor and courage. Their conviction has empowered the world to unite in support of this dedicated and beleaguered nation.

In principle, this is a tragic and senseless war. Countries joining together and providing the defense systems is helping preserve freedom for Ukraine but, also, freedom for all people. This is a powerful time in the shift of consciousness.  Ukraine is the demonstration of people retaining their own power and liberty through their perseverance and commitment to their love of country and their right to be free.

This is a pivotal time in the history of the planet. Do not despair. Divine justice is being enacted as the shared collective consciousness is repairing the unnecessary losses and tragic situations. This period in time is adjusting the heretofore calamitous ideas, so that progress will be made. Choose to be a voice of strength and compassion allowing a new order, a new world, and freedom for humanity. Adjust your lens and see through and past the appearing evidence and know that truth is shining through. Crazy antics by those who want to be in power will continue to be exposed. The blind will see again. The hearts will soften and the pain will be soothed. Bless all you meet. Be open to all messages henceforth. Don’t doubt your power and your ability to be a conduit of universal love and consciousness.

Unseen changes are occurring behind scenes. This should be welcome news. Believe in your destiny and that of all people– to be free!

Is There Life After Death? Tuning Into Your Dearly Departed Loved Ones March 24, 2022

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Is There Life After Death?

Tune into Your Dearly Departed Loved Ones

It was early in the morning when I left my parents’ home in Spokane on Jan 2, 2006.  I had to return home to Seattle and resume work after a warm Christmas vacation with my family. I didn’t wake up my parents to say goodbye since it was so early, and I wanted to get to the Cascade Mountain pass around noon, when it was less likely to be icy. I had said goodbye the night before and explained that I was leaving early the next day. But I didn’t know then what was about to happen.

Ten days later I started getting calls from my mom and sisters that our dad had had a massive heart attack and was being ambulanced to the hospital. Many of you know that my dad survived many things, including being POW for nine months after being shot down as B-17 pilot in WWII. But he didn’t survive the ambulance ride. He died in the ambulance on January 12, 2006. He had never spent a night in a hospital, and he evidently wasn’t going to be doing it now.

After returning to Spokane, spending time in the cocoon of family love, and having a wonderful celebration of life, I went back to work in Seattle. I could still hardly believe it all happened so quickly. I felt sad that I hadn’t known on the first of January that it would be the last time I ever saw my dad alive.

And then it happened. I was in a twilight-like state of sleep when my dad appeared to me in a very vivid dream. Looking vibrant and smiling brightly, much younger than he was at the time of his death, he told me he was on new adventures and was happy. Then he looked me in the eye and said very clearly, “Don’t worry about not hugging me good-bye that morning. You’ve been hugging me all your life!” I felt my heart melt as he gave me the most loving and warm embrace. My heart felt like it would burst with joy! And then suddenly it was over, and I was alone. Until that moment, I hadn’t even realized that it had bothered me so much. But here he was, telling me I had been hugging him all my life. He now gave me a final hug!

My experience of my dad’s message was only one of many that have both astonished me and guided my words for most of my life.  Although I am a business consultant, author, and coach, what I write in my books and articles is inspired from a deep connection to consciousness, a Presence that is beyond my ordinary thoughts. I teach the BE LOVE leadership Model, but I don’t usually discuss the spiritual aspect of my work and the source of my words. When asked how I have come to know these teachings, I describe it as coming from a state of inspiration. 

I am choosing to share more now and offer suggestions on how others can find more spiritual connections if they so desire. My individual coaching is dedicated to awakening to the intuitiveness that we all possess. I am also creating more avenues for spiritual communication through Project Illumination, a plan designed to spread light and love to people in families, communities, the workplace, and the world. I also have a Facebook group where you are invited to share spiritual and uplifting illuminations. My individual coaching is dedicated to awakening to the intuitiveness that we all possess. As we, one by one, awaken to our deep spiritual connections we automatically spread uplifting energy with those with whom we interact.

Message From My Mom

My mother died in November of 2012 which put her at the exact same age as my dad when he died 6 years previously. Again, we had a beautiful celebration of life for her, but this time we dismantled my mother’s home and said a final good-bye to her and sadly, her home—a gathering place for our family.

Shortly after I returned to Seattle, my mother amazingly appeared in a beautiful dream. In the dream she was standing hand in hand with my dad, as a bride and groom, at the front of an aisle at an outdoor wedding. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and people were seated on folding white chairs. However, rather than a typical outdoor setting, this was being held on the beautiful green lawn of a cemetery with white crosses all over the hillside. They both appeared radiant looking into each other’s eyes. I woke up with a deep feeling of reverence, peace, and joy for this touching dream.

I was going through a stressful period when I was in a relationship that I wanted to terminate. But I put it off for almost a year, telling myself I didn’t have to decide today—I could think about it later. This time, my mother’s face appeared, and she was shaking her head and gritting her teeth. She told me this person was not good for me and that I needed to end it now! It was her expression and words that gave me the courage to ask this man to move out. It was such a great relief!! During her earthly life she liked him but from another elevated perspective she could see the truth and the damage it was causing.

Tuning into Your Dearly Departed Loved Ones

My experience is that most people want to know and believe their loved ones are still alive in some form or other dimension. Also, some people believe when we die, that is the end. However, we know energy can’t be destroyed so the possibility that there is another dimension for departed souls makes sense to most people. Most religions throughout time have talked about a heaven, a nirvana, or some other place beyond time. And many people have their own experiences with feeling the presence of a departed person. Many people contact psychics in efforts to connect with the other side. However, I am suggesting you can do this yourself.

I have had so many experiences with a dimension beyond our own and I rely on that guidance every day. Through the years I have learned and become familiar with what brings me spiritual access. Here are my suggestions for you:

  1. Believe it is possible. If you don’t even believe it’s possible or if you have doubts, that belief will obscure any communication.
  2. Meditate each day and practice mindfulness. It prepares your mind to be receptive by slowing down the chatter and noise that blocks inspiration and guidance. Be in the present moment and feel deep gratitude. Breathe in the beauty and sense of joy when you truly feel grateful for all that you have and are experiencing.
  3. Spend time in nature, noticing the trees, water, plants, flowers, and birds. Appreciate the beauty in the sky– the sunsets, the moon, and the stars. Being in the presence of the beauty of nature brings you closer to the Infinite, God, or All That Is.
  4. Sincerely ask in prayer or meditation for guidance and connection with loved ones, spiritual angels, the divine—whatever words fit for you. Your desire and your receptivity are the keys to this process.
  5. Trust in the unknown and give up the need to always be in control. Recognize your inner connectivity to all of life. The ego keeps us so busy and trapped in the external world that we can’t hear anything else with all the distractions around us.
  6. Pay attention to your dreams. Keep paper and pen nearby and write your dream down the minute you awaken, or it will slip away. We have many different states of consciousness which we can access in meditation, in dreams, in nature, and in music, for example. I wrote my first book by awakening in the night and hearing the words like a stream of consciousness. I wrote in bed, by hand, often even in the dark.
  7. Know that we transform the world by going through our own personal transformation. I call this A Personal Restoration Plan—the path to our true selves, our inner spiritual greatness. When we tune into our own deep knowing, we connect with our soul and our soul’s journey. We shift into a calm and reflective frequency that we can trust for guidance.

Join me in bringing light, love, and illumination in this world of dissension and suffering at this time. We can all be part of an evolutionary shift in consciousness as we individually awaken. Read more at www.dannabeal.com

Miracles, love, laughter,

Danna Beal, M.Ed.

Christmas List: Give the Joy of Your Presence December 14, 2021

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We all desire finding just the perfect gift for each of our loved ones. Few things are as satisfying as seeing the face of a loved one light up when they open your present—especially a child. I am going to suggest that this year, in addition to the colorfully wrapped gifts, you also give everyone the best present—your “presence.” Nothing is more powerful than actually being attentive and completely present to everyone. Here are a few tips for being joyful and bringing joy into the lives of family, friends, and all whom you encounter:

  1. Give up complaining.

You cannot give others what you do not have yourself, and that includes joy. If you are constantly complaining it may have become an unconscious habit. Here are some things which you may routinely and automatically complain about: traffic, weather, customer service, other shoppers, clerks in the stores, family members, political foes, and other people in general. It takes a conscious effort to stop complaining. First, you must become aware that you are complaining, and secondly, take action to break the habit.

It helps to understand why people complain. The answer is they “get to be right.” Notice the sense of superiority you feel when you know more than others. Start paying close attention to the many times you are complaining to yourself. Signs you are complaining inwardly include impatience, irritation, frustration, rolling your eyes, smirking, sighing loudly, getting angry, and losing your temper. It takes acknowledging your inner complainer before you can begin to quiet the relentless voice. I challenge you to walk through a crowded store or mall and stop yourself every time you hear your inner voice criticizing others or complaining about the circumstances.

  1. Be an example of compassionate grace.

When we can accept our weaknesses, fears, imperfections, appearance, age, and other judgments about ourselves, we will find more peace and compassion for ourselves as well as others. When we are self-critical and judgmental, we will project the same sentiments to others. As we learn compassionate grace for ourselves, only then can we truly extend it to others. Give as you like to receive, and it starts with yourself.

  1. Listen more than you talk.

Are you someone who is unaware of the balance of conversations? If you are so anxious to talk about yourself that you are sucking up the airspace, then you are not focusing on others. You are putting your own needs ahead of giving others your undivided attention. Stop playing one upmanship and notice even the subtle attempts of the ego to be supreme. Being superior to others is not only off-putting, but it also actually alienates others rather than brings them closer. When you are busy trying to impress others, you don’t realize what a bad impression you make.

  1. Be a light and presence of love.

Look into the eyes of the people you know and those you encounter when you are out and about. If you are on the phone, put down your other devices and give full presence to the one whom you are talking. Practice being present every moment you get the chance. People will feel your focused attention on them. Conversely, if you are not present or are multi-tasking while on the phone, they will feel that lack of attention as well.

Love is immeasurable. Love eliminates no one and shines on everyone. Love spreads far and wide. It abandons no one. In its purest form, love removes all doubt. If love is the sunshine, then judgment is the cloud that obscures it. Love is the greatest gift of all.


A Framework for Human Connections April 26, 2021

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Plans to create a new world through an evolutionary, planetary shift have been developing for thousands of years. The steps have included the emergence of a faction of people who would spiritually evolve and expose the underlying character of those who would attempt to control the entire world for their own personal power, wants and needs.

This faction of people has been quietly growing, building an understanding of the nature of human society; including its inner workings, networks, connections, and symbiotic interactions. These people have gone through great trials and tribulations to develop their insights and realizations. Growing in their own spiritual mastery has enabled them to understand and remove the underpinnings of the current structure that has actually held society together.

This framework that has lasted for thousands of years has been bound by the human connections and interactions. The actions and counter-actions, often based on fear, have provided the very structure of the ever-escalating human drama to an intensity never seen before. Those of you here now have come as part of the plan to unravel, dismantle, and remove the structure that has allowed society to exist but is no longer sustainable.

Human society has been gradually shifting due to the withdrawal of the support and commitment to the framework of connections. Like a honeycomb, whose cells are being deserted and abandoned, the structure of society is actually ready to collapse, even though it appears to be the same. This is happening because those giving it the support, energy, and life to operate, have left the honeycomb, so to speak. The drones have left the nest.

This hollow honeycomb structure is no longer viable and will deteriorate and dissolve into emptiness. Those few who believe it is real, will find out it will no longer function. It cannot operate because the human consciousness essential to this once central organizing structure has departed. This is not intended to cause fear but to actually provide relief from the intense, ever-building pressure.

If you are hearing this now, you are one of such people, who has come here to awaken and support others. You can assist others in the process of awakening and withdrawing from the current theme of attack and overcome, expressed as projection and blame, shame and persecution, and, most of all, greed and drive for power and validation at the expense of others. You are the ones who can arise in your spiritual power and bring clarity to such confusion and mayhem.

Throughout the history of the world, there has never been such dissension and disruption.  Eruptions and wars between people in different parts of the planet, between people from different faiths, beliefs, and differences of all kinds, have been on-going. But what you now have is a massive world shift in the world order, in which the structure will suddenly fail and no longer bear the weight and pressure of dissension being intensely played out.  The very framework of humanity will burst, creating a massive shift for a better world– not based on greed and individual power but grounded in cooperation, trust, and expansion for all people in a new world.

This once busy habitat, an interactive structure of a society, is now tired and divided. The societal structure has been abandoned by so many, and although it appears to be operating, it is about to fall apart, descending and dissolving into oblivion. The life energy that has kept it alive has shifted to a new vital world, through individual beings awakening and withdrawing from the old framework.  Its purpose will no longer be needed, although a few will be the last to give up on the lifeless structure, the empty shell of a former world.

Ego-driven leaders, fueled by artificial power, are at the pinnacle of the false structure. Although appearing real, the framework is actually fragile. It is comprised of intertwining layers designed by a few false giants of society. These artificial leaders have lost their footing and are desperately trying to retain it.  The structure is about to sink into the abyss of past civilizations that have collapsed throughout the ages of time.

This shift is ushering in a new and compassionate world, anchored in the power of Universal Love. Individuals will realize the joy and deep satisfaction of a peaceful world where people honor and respect one another and live in peace. This dazzling and miraculous evolution is the planetary shift heralded throughout time. Awaken, rejoice, and celebrate.  The awaited time is here now!Advertisementsabout:blankREPORT THIS AD

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Be Free from Fear and Guilt

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Blind ambition, greed, and hostility have reached a maximum level and are leading to sweeping changes that will change the world as you know it. Dramatic results are pending and are awaiting the participation of more people in alignment. Your path is to continue respect, honoring, and helping people in understanding and awakening to truth. Pledge allegiance to truth and compassion for it is your mission. You are each a witness and demonstration of the power of authenticity in relationships. Self-realization is the path to peace, love and joy. The result is freedom from fear.

Don’t allow the words or complaints of others to diminish your true, authentic power—the path you have been on your whole life. Give up false pretenses, see your own weaknesses with compassion and release yourself from fear and guilt.  Join the massive parade of leaders, not on the sidelines. but marching in front, on the road to freedom.

This is the time of reunification with your soul. Don’t shy away and/or doubt your role. That is false humility. Be strong. Be powerful. Each of you can Illuminate the path for others. That is why you are here!! See it, own it, honor it, and reclaim your right to do this powerful and awesome (in the truest sense) work that you came to accomplish.  Maximize your efforts through meditation and alignment. This is the culmination of all your beautiful steps, your joyful path of reclamation. Avail yourself of the strength of the divine power from which you emerged—a dimension beyond this place in time and space. This is a proclamation of your authentic power! Rise higher and contribute from the authority of the divine—not your small versions of yourselves, but from your holiest of selves, your true self, your inner spiritual greatness. Peace be with you.

Miracles, Love, and Laughter February 14, 2021

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Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to remind people that it is through the power of love—universal love– that we will heal relationships and unravel conflict in this world. Coincidentally, I was born on Valentine’s Day and it is my passion to share my insights and thoughts about how love can change the world if we will only let it! Choosing love is the answer for all decisions. Unfortunately, the ego has strategies to cover its neediness and these strategies block the very love everyone desires. The ego, in its goal to always be right cannot find humility, courage, or other worthy qualities stemming from love. Therefore, the ego cannot take a stand for truth or have the courage to be to be or do the right thing in difficult circumstances.

Universal love is the source of everything and is the power that sustains all life. It can be counted on in all circumstances. It is internal and eternal and never wavers. You can be sure when you rely on love because it shines away all doubt, strengthens your resolve, and confirms your intentions. Love limits nothing and controls no one, so when you find yourself trying to control people or circumstances you can know you are in the world of the ego. When you feel despair, remember that love builds hope and faith, and fortifies your strength. Love provides comfort to you and others and has an endless supply. Why would we be stingy with love–our source and our strength?

In its purest form, love flourishes despite uncertainty and dissolves all fear. Love can move mountains and pave the way for a smooth journey. The amazing power of love abandons no one—not even your perceived enemies. It shines equally on everyone. Being both practical and masterful, it creates opportunities leading to fruition. Love does not shrink or cower in the face of obstacles. In fact, it clears all interference and amplifies all your efforts. Love is the very reason you exist. We need to envelop the world in love because love radiates peace and joy and that is what the world needs.

It is time to give up worries and concerns and recognize that they limit your power and energy. Learn to be patient with yourself and others. And come to know that love is enduring and can be counted on always. So, I suggest, be joyful and what you need will follow, not the other way around. The world believes you will be happy when you get what you need, but this is not true. When you align with love, your needs and desires will be met. Trust in that.

So where do you start? Families provide a golden opportunity because even in conflicted families there is a core of love–if you can unravel the layers. Loving people, even when they are different in some ways, can be an excellent practice for loving our fellow souls in all arenas on the planet. Start with your family and closest friends. Because, if we cannot heal our relationships with our family members and friends who we care about, how do we think we can heal communities, Congress, workplaces, or the world?

How do we do it? Challenge the little voice inside that tries to distract you and tries to make you feel separate from love and all others. Do not let it disturb your peace or allow it to perturb you. Any time you are irritated, it is coming from yourself, not another person. And when you are in sadness, irritation, or in confusion, you can listen to your inner authentic voice, coming from universal love, and not the selfish, conflicted ego. The inner voice, connected to universal love is so powerful, you can reach it at any time. You are never alone. It can be counted on to provide support and inner security in any situation or circumstance. Love is the source of peace and joy. The key is to be open and receptive, and trust that all you need will be given at every moment.

Be Steadfastly Awake January 6, 2021

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Do you want to remain awake or do you want to stay lost in your dramas? A true being, your deepest self, is trying to emerge–without the silly little dramas and without the clinging to fear and inadequacies of your egoic self. The false images and small representations of who you are, are creations of the mind. The true being is trying to emerge–not the simpering child who is sniveling and winding his way to grief and pain. Seemingly plausible reasons for despair and suffering do not make them true and actually deny your rightful heritage. Compelling stories of disappointment, dashed hopes, painful losses, and on-going anxieties are chances to review your life anew, but when nurtured and held onto, can be excuses for staying small and denying your true spiritual power. The rejection of your true self, your inner spiritual essence, in favor of your small self is tragic. After seeing and experiencing who you really are, and then turning away, is a decrease in your power and a decline on your own path to awakening to your rightful place in the world.

Be steadfastly awake. Stand up fearlessly. Your power is so great that with the smallest nod, it brings you gifts and meets all your needs. And yet, you turn back to the painful position of the downtrodden. This habitual path of the underdog can be released when you acknowledge and affirm your desire to do so.   Why would you choose the wings of a sparrow over the wings of an eagle?

We are here with you and you are strong and wise—the one who chose to be here. Your clarity and true vision are needed and we will uphold you in your path upward. Please trust in that. You will be given guidance as you need it, in an instant, and you will find the joy of contributing full heartedly. Allow yourself to feel the deepest source that you are—the calm, grounded powerful ones that you, too often, deny. Build your strength and rise to the occasion. You are the beneficiary, as well as all whom you encounter. Blend your voice with ours and recognize your true destiny.

Most people are just trying to enjoy a life of some sort, or a trying to avoid pain. Choose to be a creator—choose to be the source and power of your life—not just an object tossed around in a tumultuous sea of confusion and alternating points of view. Stand up! Be strong. Be eloquent. Do not deny your gifts in favor of the opinions of those less awakened and living in fear. That is their choice. Do not let their opinion be your standards for living. Let go, let go.

Overcoming the feeling that life is difficult

Demand the small voice to stop. The weight of the beliefs from the past and the opinions of the masses can feel like you are coming out of a deep bog—a heavy body of murky water. See the image of yourself rising out of the swamp of human dissension, after this long period of swimming in the muck. How can you help others if you are drowning with them? You are needed as part of the evolutionary shift in consciousness.

Do not return to the sad stories. Do not be distracted with small issues, artificial charades, and shams created by the ego. Take charge of your own thoughts and keep telling a new story! No more tears, no more tears, no more tears. You are self-sufficient. Bless this day as you move on to new adventures in the unknown. Bless this day for the life you have been given. The power position is yours when you choose spiritual mastery!

You are a child of God, dedicated to Project Illumination. Do not ever forget this and continue to move persistently forward. Your seeming losses are gifts to expose wounds that need healing. Don’t be sad. Allow them to heal with compassionate grace for yourself. The future holds so much joy. Trust in this guidance and be alert for more messages of truth and vindication from guilt and suffering. Bless you, dear ones, for taking this walk on the planet at this time. Realize that you can receive guidance at every moment!

Project Illumination is not a small sideline — it is the purpose of your journey in this magnificent evolutionary planetary transformation! Join with the voices who are here to lead and to witness this time in history. Do not be deterred by appearances or seeming losses. All will be well as the unraveling continues, but ultimately, settles out. This necessary time is leading to the expansion of love, peace, and joy.

Trust in our loving guidance beside you. In this state, you can hear us clearly and follow our light of inspiration and divine words. Trust always that what we share with you benefits not only you, but all that you encounter. Share your messages freely and widely. Express with clarity, the path to freedom.

Aspire to new levels of contribution. Your powerful voices are needed. The crimes that are being committed in the name of peace, like poison, need to be diluted with an antidote. Corruption fueled by greed and fear has been underlying the social structure for centuries. Below the surface is a faction of individuals controlling the dialogues that are spurring hate. Badges of supremacy, claims of superiority, and accruements for those in power have tipped the balance to a level that is unsustainable. This has created mass inequality for people everywhere. The poverty exists because of the massive effort to keep people down and hopeless. The disruptions occurring now are a part of this enormous shift. It is your time. The world needs these messages in this time of havoc and fear. You are part of the enormous transformation occurring right now, even beyond what you can see or measure. Persevere with determination. Do not let heaviness, doubt, or thoughts of the past hold you back. Be unbridled, free, and relentlessness. You cannot exceed the possibilities–they are endless. There is no wrong direction — just step forward into the open, beautiful, future of the world.

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