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Global Oneness

Global Oneness:  Personal Freedom and Peace

Make changes today that benefit all people.  Become a part of the power that stretches the current framework and creates a new world. Give up recounting the past injustices. Stop demanding others give you power. Become powerful. Stop being the downtrodden. Walking in suffering delays your journey and drains your power and energy. Stop carrying the heavy cross. Jesus and other teachers came to lighten your burden. Lift up and ease your load. 

 Give up judgment that holds others responsible for you. Stop lamenting your fate. Give up your past grievances and heal ancient wounds with forgiveness. Every time you point the finger of blame you are denying your very power.

 You are not the downtrodden; except by your own choice. To all people everywhere, give up the past and be in the present. Own your inner spiritual greatness. Value your heritage but don’t wear it like a banner of suffering. Be proud of your heritage but don’t live in the battles of the long ago past. Honor your heritage but don’t wear it as a badge of supremacy.

 Mastery of spiritual consciousness begins with giving up the ego’s false claims of self-righteousness. It means being fully and completely accountable for your own feelings and thoughts. It means owning that which you self imposed and stop creating enemies to whom you can blame your suffering.

 More than anything else, this passage in time is about freedom. Now is the time of deliverance from the chains that have bound you. Prepare the way for a new generation. Place your fellow beings ahead of your tiny, helpless, demanding egos. Freedom is first, a state of mind. What is not within us cannot be found outside us.

The passing of time is inescapable. You choose your path, or you don’t choose. And that is still a choice. Those who are politely standing by, waiting for something to happen, will be left behind. Free will is just that; knowing we have freedom and power that comes from within. We must avail our inner spiritual strength and power. It can propel us forward or we can stay locked in our own self-defined prisons.

 This passage of time will bring a new beginning of reality to others; one in which we see our fellow humans as the spiritual essences and loving beings that they are. When we can take off the masks of our ego-defined roles in the dramas we play, we will truly see our oneness. We will see our brothers and sisters standing there–our beloved fellow souls whom we had mistakenly identified as the enemy. What a holy day, when one by one, we give up our grievances, lay down our swords and embrace our fellow beings. We are one family, of one Source, with one destiny. Why would we not want to see this? 

 It is time give up divisions of all kinds: religious, political, racial and any positions that cause people to take sides or draw lines down the center. It is time to move to a new global level—for that is just what we are; one planet, one world, one family of diversity, beauty and splendor. 

 We must recognize that even the slightest irritations with one another come from the ego and weaken the progress of humanity. We must refrain from attacking. We must seek a true armistice that comes from the reconciliation of ideas, not from reactionary movements.

 It is time to be a leader. You cannot be left behind when you are in the front, leading others to a new level of understanding, joy and peace. Peace is what we must choose now. We must commit relentlessly, passionately and completely to peace. 

 Let us take down the walls of fear and accusation. The world “stages” are worn and creaking. The floorboards cannot withstand this strain much longer. The performance has played on too long. The audience and the casts have grown weary. It is time for the performance to end.

 Copyright by Danna Beal, March 3, 2001



1. John Smallman - December 2, 2016

Although that channeled message from the Twelve Wise Ones was delivered to Danna in 2001 it is still totally appropriate today. We ARE all One. We need to keep reminding ourselves of this so that we treat all others with the love and respect that is their due — and as it is our due too we must cease judging ourselves negatively in an ongoing disparaging fashion. Love contains all that exists, everyone of us, making us Its own.

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