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The Illuminated Workplace: Shining Light on Workplace Culture December 20, 2022

Posted by Danna Beal in Universal Love.
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For those of you who didn’t see my announcement in social media, I am excited to announce that The Illuminated Workplace will be released in January 2023. I have been working on the new edition of my book for six months and it will be available in January as both a book and an e-book. I will let you know the exact date.

“Danna Beal hits the nail on the head with her new book, The Illuminated Workplace.  Applying her understanding of human dynamics in the workplace would greatly improve the performance of any business. Applying her understanding of human dynamics in the political arena would greatly improve our world.”
–Ron Richards, J.D., P.E., Ch.E., founder Western Gas Resources

“Danna Beal’s, The Illuminated Workplace, should be required reading for all MBA students and certainly for all in business leadership positions. I have been in medical/biotech sales for the last 40 years. Sadly, as each company grew, leadership’s ego began laying a table of mistrust, indifference, disengagement, and even narcissism. In her book, Danna provides you with the road map to building a caring and sustainable illuminated culture.”
— Gayle Seely, BSN, Former Director, Sales Development of a San Francisco Biotechnology Company, Seattle, WA

I am wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! 



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